Meijercustomer service

J Sep 12, 2019 Review updated:

Went to the store to take advantage of the buy 10 get 1 free dollar ad.
Got my products plus a lot more. Checked out and saw that one item was 2.19.
Went to service desk, she was so snippy. Instead of giving me another free vegetable. She just refunded my money. So I lost the vegetable and my free item.
Was so upset I went and checked the sign, said 1.
Got manager, when we went up to service desk, she rolled her eyes at him as if I was a bother.
Very unhappy!


  • SubSquirrel Sep 12, 2019

    You were overcharged and got a refund. You didn’t ask for a free vegetable and lost your free item. You didn’t speak up but instead decide to complain.

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  • La
    Lauri1L Sep 20, 2019

    Don't leave the desk until it's settled, ask to talk to the manager if your not satisfied how it was settled.

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