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I had two meet up groups and I don't want to keep it anymore. One was Delhi Classy Elite Club and the other one was Elite Travellers. I stepped down as an organizer and someone from my meet up member. Her or his name is Sim. I got a message this morning from the meet up member that she became the Co-organizer and she started putting events in my meet up group and location. Well I never gave her authority to do so. So I sent her a message on meet up she replied. She thinks I am threatening her but if she already has 40 groups in her meet up why was she interested to set up events in my meetup group. For free. I wouldn't tolerate this. If some one steps down as an organizer does not give an authority to anyone else who can take over and be the co-organizer. She should have asked my permission first. I will copy her and my messages. Well please solve this I am very annoyed. I have already deleted my two meet up groups. I will never pay again and be an organizer if a person being a member becomes a co-organizer without asking approval or anything.


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February 11, 2016

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Nan Su 10:01 AM
Hi, You do not have the authority to be a co organizer and run my meet up group. I am not going to allow you to do this.. Please step out.. This is not your meet up group. It took me a while to get members. I am going to put a complain in meet up if you donot remove everything..

Sim 6:36 PM
If you have stepped down as an organizer, you have given the authority that anyone can step up as an organizer or a co-organizer and post their events. If you wish to run this group, please step up and take your group. I'll be more than happy to step down as a co-organizer but till that time, you have no right to threaten me for anything and by the way don't teach me the rules and regulations of Meetup. I know them better than you as I run more than 40 groups on Meetup.

Nan Su 6:47 PM
Oh please tell your bogus story to someone else.. Who will threaten you? First go and learn some manners.. I am not scared of your messages. Besides who will teach an Indian the rules and regulations because you never will follow it. You are so clever that you will sell others for that. Go in my ignore list Goodbye

You know what you are not worth to talk at all. Lol you have 40 groups on meet up and still you have an eye on my meet up group just because i stepped out. Go find someone else and tell him or her your story..

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