A Oct 07, 2019

AS de Bruyn
Nr [protected]
ID [protected]

Dear Medshield

I will try my best to complain in English. I am the caretaker of AS de Bruyn. She was in Eugene Hospital where she was treated with respect. She is a alzheimers pasient. On the 18 September she was well and was transfer to Medstep. The reason was to help her with physio to make her walk. With her alzheimers they let me in any time. Then I started to complain they must clean her. Every time when I was at her bedside she was smelly. I also comlain about other stuff. They give her something to sleep. On Friday the 20th September her grand daughter and I had a meeting with dr Deon du Toit, Carlien social workers, physio and a sister. They promise Lizl that they will stop sedate her. Saturday when I visit she was sedated again. I phone Lizl. Lizl phone them. They said it is to calm her down. She was so far gone and whit that they handcuff her. The 23 September I went to visit at 10h30 she was a sleep. I rang the bell for the reason she was lying with a dirty nappy. The suster came and ask what I want. I explain. Her answer was we clean this 2 pasient a few minutes ago. I walk out a male nurse with the name Justine ask me if I am okay. I respond no. Ask him went did they changed oumas nappy. He said just after breakfast. I believed him because of the smell I walk in. That afternoon when I want to visit the security gaurd stop me and told me I can not go in. On Wednesday the 25 I call a ambulans and arrange with Medstep that I am taking het to Eugene emergency. She was very sick. Emergency took photos she was so burned. Was admitted and at this moment she is laying in Icu.
All I whant to know what must we do to prevent it happenig to othet alzheimer pasient? And Medshield I am sure already pay the bill there.

Lizl [protected]
Antoinette [protected]


Ns Sorry I am afrikaans and struggle to explain clearly

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