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S Nov 30, 2019 Review updated:

I purchased a mattress at the mathis sleep center in moore, and we picked out the modular mattress was the only one my husband could tolerate with his back, I had no idea we couldn't exchange it or get our money back if it didn't work out, sleep number, mattress firm all have 100 day if not satisfied get a full refund policy and I just figured mathis brothers was the same way, I WAS WRONG! The bed was delivered not in boxes as it stated on the video we watched in the store to show us how to easily assemble it, instead it was delivered just wrapped in plastic, no paperwork as if it was a used bed, when I called the store they told me to google the assembly instructions! After a couple of nights both of us realized neither of us could sleep on the mattress, we were told we could purchase different firmness coils but not returnable! We purchased the mattress cover so it's been completely sealed and have been fighting with the store ever since, there isn't another mattress in the store my husband can sleep on and I'm allergic to the foam mattresses so we're limited on what we can sleep on, I was finally told we could exchange it after 30 days, by this time we've already purchased another mattress elsewhere otherwise we both would've been sleeping in our recliners for a month! But they don't seem to care about that! Anyway, so we decided since we can't get our money back and they won't give us a credit to purchase other furniture at the main store, we decided to exchange for a mattress and box springs and frame to give my friend who has leukemia and needs a good firm mattress, but due to health issues she sleeps on a twin mattress so she can quickly get up and to the bathroom and what we had purchased was a king, so even though the twin mattress/box springs and frame is going to be less than what we paid for the king mattress now they're telling me we can't exchange it for a different size!!! What difference does it make????? We can't use the mattress so it may as well go to someone who can and is deserving of a nice bed, it's been almost 2 weeks since they called and told me I couldn't exchange for the twin but was going to make one more call to see if they could get an override, again it's been almost 2 weeks and have heard nothing! We purchased the mattress on October 13, 2019 and this issue still isn't resolved! I have been a customer of mathis brothers for over 35 years and have spent over 20, 000.00 there and this is the way the treat repeat customers, unbelievable! I will never buy a single thing more from them and am telling all my friends, coworkers and the veterans I service not to purchase from them for fear they will receive the same treatment, and judging by the reviews they treat all their customers poorly, how are they still in business?? From now on I will go to the Galleria, Bob Mills, Edmond Furniture Gallery or anywhere else to purchase but them, this company has turned to trash!!!


  • Mathis Brothers Dec 02, 2019

    Hello Sue- We apologize you are not satisfied with your mattress and were not aware of these policies while in store. We have your information and will be getting with Management to see how we can assist in this situation. Thank you for your business.

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