Massachusetts Health Connectorunauthorized termination of insurance -

M Oct 11, 2019

After being 1 week late on my September 23rd payment, I was sent a termination letter on 10/9/19 informing me that because I hadn't paid my 9/23 bill, my insurance was terminated with no warning. When I called was told that I need to pay for September, October and November bills (which I have never heard of pre paying for health insurance). The total amount they expected from me to re-issue my insurance is $790.00. I have always received a termination warning letter and I am sorry but after 1 week of being late on September payment I am getting terminated. I have a disability and was in the hospital in September for 4 days and now I will have to pay out of pocket because of this issue. Absolutely unacceptable. I was given no information from "customer service" they are rude talk over you and do not listen or try to assist. They only want their money period.
I should not have to pay for 3 months of insurance, and they should not expect me to. This is a monthly payment arrangement.

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