Massachusetts Health Connectorgatra rides with "car rapid".

D Jul 08, 2019

Several yrs ago wheni was using GATRA ride service weekly to Providence RI ( I live in New Bedford) i had several very bad experiences with Car Rapid's service. they did not show up at all once, one tike they came for me at 12:50 pm for an appt in Providence at 1pm. I refused to go with them because it was so late and they gave me a very hard time about it. One day they picked me up At Butler Hosp in Providence RI. The driver said he knew a short cut. I was very familiar with the area and i knew that he was making a wrong turn. He would not listen to me and was very rude. He went his way and we ended up getting totally lost. would not listen to me about the correct way. we ended up in a lot of far away places in RI, and also in Dighton and the towns in that area. His boss was yelling at him over the phone and he was screaming and yelling back at him. He refused to listen to me or even talk to me. It took us 90 mins to get home- usually a 35 min ride! i had a heavy suitcase in the trunk and he refused to help me with it. I let GATRA know and they stopped sending them. I have not had to use GATRA too much lately. I did call last week to schedule a trip to Taunton for 7/2/19 at 1pm. They gave me Car Rapid. I objected but they said i had no choice. I got a msge the night before from the driver saying that he would pk me up between 12- 12:30. the next day i went out front at 11:50am I remember because the Price is Right was just starting the showcase bidding. at 12:30 no one had come. I called Car Rapid and the woman told me that, the driver had been there at 12pm, that I was not out, and that he left at 12:05 after having called me 4 times! this is total bull. I was right in front of my house and there was no one there, and my phone never rang nor shows any of those calls as having come in. I verified the # with the woman i spoke with and it was the correct #. when i called GATRA to book forthe next week appt on Fri 7/12, i explained the issue to the GATRA rep and she told me that i must be wrong because they have some type of meter that tracks them. She refused to believe me and told me that i had no choices. i have a reliable friend who works for another ride servicer and he tells me that Car Rapid cars ARE NOT equipped with these trackers and that that is how they get away with bad stuff all the time. So now i am worried that the same type thing will happen this Friday. I am involved in very serious therapy for a bad PTSD and these appointments are vital to me. I need dependable service (as does anyone!) I used to have Community Access and they gave excellent service and i do not understand why i can not get therm anymore. i have recently used Semper Fi car service and they were good too. I do not want to go through having to be worried about whether or not they will show up- if at all! and furthermore i do not want to have to deal with rude, unprofessional drivers. This is not fair to the MH members. i also am aware that complaints against Car Rapid are not at all a new or scarce thing. they are a notoriously bad company in regards to reliability and character of the drivers. I will not accept this. Sincerely, Diane McCarthy. MH ID # [protected].
127B Carriage Dr. New Bedford, Ma 02740. tele [protected] DOB 9/17/56
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