Massachusetts Health Connectorfraud on my refund check - information needed


I was issued a refund check last December. Never received. I called Health connector to notify them of the misplaced check in January. They told me they will send me a new one and that it will take up to 90 days. I waited. Called again today [protected]) and was informed that the new check was never issued because the first check was cashed. But not by me and they never informed me of it.
I called multiple times today and all I could gather is that the check was cashed on December 29th. But I also need the bank information to start a claim and I was not able to obtain that information.
I filed a report at the Salem MA police department but they will not be able to do anything with just a date.
HC should be able to provide me with more information about where the check was cashed.
Also the HC representative today gave me a phone number that was supposed to be for the fraud department but it was not and the second rep I talked to told me that they do not have a fraud department at all.
Please review my case and contact me with more information.

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