Massachusetts Health Connectorfalse information and doing little to fix it


Hello, my name Jessica Miller. I've had nothing but issues with the health connector. From the beginning I was given false information. After choosing a plan I told the man I was speaking to that I may not need insurance until the next month. He told me that was fine to just start payment then. The next month I started payment. The Health connector took my payment but when I called I was informed that I did not have coverage because I was supposed to reshop. The man I spoke to never told me that. So I paid and had no coverage. The lady I talked to just put my payment towards the next month but I was left with no coverage for current month. I was told that my doctor accepted the isurance plan that I signed up for. That too was false. With the issues I had just trying to get coverage I didnt bother to switch plans. So I have not seen my doctor in a year and I refuse to go to another. I was also told that if I didnt pay before a certain time each month I would not have coverage. So when I switched over to my husbands insurance I stopped payment. No one told me I needed to call to cancel nor did it make sense that I owed money for the time i stopped payment because I was told no payment no coverage. When I called to ask why I had to pay, the woman I spoke with did not listen to anything I said and repeated over and over the same sentence instead of talking to me and trying to understand why I was upset
Literally she kept repeating the same exact thing no matter what I said. As someone who was on my own and had no idea how insurance worked, I put my trust in the health connector to guide me. I did not expect to get false information and no help. I am truly and deeply disgusted with how I was treated. It was the health connectors lack of communication and correct information that put me in stressful and costly situations. Their employees need to be better trained and more understanding when its their mistakes causing such issues. I am still in disbelief about how their employees not only treated me after causing me so many problems but then doing nothing to fix them.

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