MarshallsI am an associate that works at marshalls

Hello I currently work at Marshall's for going on seven months, I started during the month of February and work many hours sometimes even doubles. The issue I am having is that I am a part time associate and show be allowed to work up to 20 - 25 hours weekly, suddenly my hours dropped from working four sometimes five days a week to suddenly one Friday this work week. I cannot survive off of a 5 hour check. Further more sometime during my work day I had an event where a bottle dropped on my foot causing a fractured toe (which til this day is not fully healed) I normally take a smoke break on my paid 15 minute break suddenly I was told to clock out during my paid smoke break which I complied with I was informed that I was given a raise and that if " I am getting paid 10 dollars an hour I must do 10 dollars an hour worth of work" I was also told I had a lack of consistency one day and that I was gonna be given a chance to redeem my self and that he would give me extra hours I was given the hours to work 9am - 2pm on Saturday the 19th I was told this would be my final chance to get my act together. I arrive at the job site (Marshall's) at 8:45 only to wait until. 9:30 where the store manager came in late. I would like to talk to the Human Resources department please email me As soon As possible further more i feel I'm being discriminated against or dealing with bias treatment I like my job and enjoy I do can someone help me clear this and make this right Thank you

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