Makroorder not received going on for 2 months

I've ordered 38 mobile devices from Makro of which 2 months ago I've only received 31, 7 devices are missing!

I've escalated this to the online department severall occasions and they concluded to say that my domestic work we received the parcels and I need to provide Makro with her number so they can contact her...!

Disgusting service ! For insinuating my domestic stole the phones.

In addition to that instead of delivering me my missing 7 phones they delivered me 5 candles !!! Like wtf

I've been pressing for a refund for weeks with no resolution.

The courier delivered 3 boxes to my domestic of which one box had candles so all deliveries have been accounted so how the hell can my domestic be to blame makes no sense !

I was then told I will get my refund once Makro locates where my order has went to, LIKE HOW IS THAT MY PROBLEM!

I'll be escalating this further.

Oct 03, 2019

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