Makrohisense u601s and customer service


28 January 2017
At 13:45 I phoned Makro Woodmead to hear about stock availability regarding above mentioned product. The lady on the phone assured me there were 22 items in stock. (I confirmed the Product ID: 326146EA and price with her as well.)

After which I drove to Makro Woodmead only to find the sales people telling me there is no stock on hand. After which I informed them of the above mentioned discussion with the lady, the sales person helping me went to the receiving cage to verify if there were any more items. Of which he couldn't tell if there were actually 22 items or why the lady on the phone didn't tell me that there might be a problem with this item.

The sales guy told me that the batch of this product has not been released and it might be sent back. The person responsible for the receiving/dispatching of this stock was also nowhere to be found. Not even by phone??

In the end the sales people weren't able to tell me when this would be resolved and I could not wait the entire afternoon for receiving/dispatch person to return.

Because of the lack of information relating to the product and it's unavailability, the professionalism of your staff (that couldn't be found) and no alternative suggestions made by your staff, I won't recommend Makro Woodmead to any one.

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