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I bougt a blackberry phone at makro on the 04/02/2011. The phone gave me a problem and my insurance replaced it for me. With the amount i payed for it. So i whent back to makro to buy a phone again. Now the price whent up with R500 Total of R2500 and they were not willing to give it for the same price i payed a few weeks back. On the same bar code as the firts phone. So i believe they must refund me on my R500.



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    Constuby Jun 22, 2016

    I went to Makro to exchange a Sony Playstation 3 which I received as a gift from work. Being a female i have no use for it.. All I knew was that it was bought at Crown Mines as a bulk purchase by my company. I advised a gentleman by the name of Gift Moloele to contact Crown Mines as i did not have the receipt. He said that is outside his job description because clients commit fraud and expect him to help them as well as he do not know who to ask because his company is so rich they receive bulk purchases daily. So it was impossible for him to do so. I was taken aback.The whole time he assisting me he's also assisting other clients simultaneously. All i asked was for him to pick up the phone and make the call. Was that too much to ask?? Did that warant me to be labelled a fraudster??

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