Macy'smacy's, violation of labor laws, $ unpaid overtime, undue influence


Macy's department store the # 1 place for unpaid overtime, false promises, cheating and make your life miserable
Macy’s Department Store, better don’t get any job at Macy’s unless you want to ruin your life. Macy’s Department Store is the most abusive company you can work for
At Macy’s, Labor Laws are not often respected and at meetings managers manipulate employees taking full advantage of the power they represent, to fired people if rules are not follow, as a result employees are forced to do a lot more without pay, overtime is unpaid
MACY’S forced my wife to resign for her disability by Undue Influence
Macy’s located at Westfield Mall, 14000 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 – [protected]
Thanks to Macy’s my wife is a living wreck for the rest of her life
Comments posted by people having a conflict of interest with Macy’s, do not have any value at all and it is a distortion of true facts. How you can trust arrogant Macy’s managers driving a very expensive late model BWW, keeping its nose up and looking at employees like low class people, having not vote and voice to defend their labor rights?
I keep some facts aside to protect people privacy, but as things evolve, I will provide more facts and all the names of the people involved
After the 1994 big Northridge Earthquake in Los Angeles, my wife was transferred to work for years from Macy’s at 14000 Riverside Dr, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 to Macy’s West at Culver City Mall, Culver City, CA [protected]
Then, after years when the Macy’s Department Store and the Sherman Oaks Mall was 100% rebuilt, my wife came back to work over again for Macy’s at Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
In 2008, the manager forced and coerced my wife to sign papers to quit her job (to resign)
Macy’s did discriminatory discharge on my wife. It was wrongful-termination / age-discrimination. Because of her disability, my wife had not idea on the papers signed
Macy’s never placed my wife in a different job for her disability, a violation of ADA and EEOC, when an employee become disabled
From 1985 until 2002, my wife was having not problem and always working hard at Macy’s
In 2002, my wife doctor informed Macy’s of my wife early disability, not having good balance, not walking straight, not speaking much, but she was able to do a different type of work with accommodation
In 2003, my wife asked for accommodation, filled forms at the office, but the request was ignored, because my wife was making more money than others co-workers and Macy’s will not allow my wife to do office work or any type of different work, receiving the same pay check
My wife position: a specialist selling expensive women apparel
Never promoted, but had a superb reputation, having tops reviews and many Macy’s certificates as well as many customer excellent reviews.
My wife received only one salary increase in 25 years, never before and never after that
Macy’s squeezed its employees like a lemon until the lemon will go dry
Macy’s greed is very well known by its employees. You are robot not a human being
Many years ago, and only for 4 days, Macy’s told my wife to do paper work during working hours, but soon after that, Macy’s told my wife not do it no more because it wasn’t productive neither profitable for Macy’s
The Store Manager told my wife to do overtime at home
My wife asked the Store Manager if she will get paid for the overtime and the manager answer was: not problem, you will get pay overtime
Over the years, the following department managers told my wife to keep doing home overtime for as long my wife had a job at Macy’s
MACY’S OWES MY WIFE MANY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN UNPAID OVERTIME from 1985 through 2008, based on thousands of unpaid overtime hours
I’m talking about my wife, a 40 hours weekly full time employee since she was hired in 1985
Macy’s used forced resignation instead of firing my wife to rip off her, to bypass the law and not to pay a dime to my wife, including not severance payment, not overtime paid in 25 years (3.3 hours daily) for work done at home for MACY’S on an hourly employee working 40 hours a week
Because of Macy’s actions, my wife never got any unemployment or workers compensation, neither severance payment
Year [protected]-2002 at Macy’s Culver City Mall:
My wife was receiving orders from the store manager to replace the department manager and doing it for 5 years, on and off for months at Macy’s Culver City Mall
The Store Manager told my wife that my wife will receive an increase in her hourly pay. My wife never received a dime for doing the manager job
Several complaints to the office went nowhere
My wife never was laid off in 25 years, having a superb reputation at Macy’s, but never promoted by Macy’s, doing many times, for months, the manager work,
without getting the manager salary or any increased on my wife hourly paid
The resignation was fraudulent, obtained under intimidation, harassment, discrimination and pressure
The department manager used coercion on my wife to gain compliance
The manager purposely did on my wife intentional infliction of emotional distress
While my wife still working at Macy’s, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, the department manager was nagging my wife for 6 months, in order to forced my wife to sign papers to resign
The forced resignation in 2008 was UNDUE INFLUENCE done by the manager on a person with mental disability (my wife) unable to defend her rights and to protect from predatory practices with tendency to control her mind for Macy’s own gain
In 5-2010, when my wife was hospitalized, $500, 000 paid by Medicare, the doctors at the Hospital wrote on the medical report: that my wife was having a history of slowly deteriorating mental status, difficulties to keep her balance, not walking straight, not speaking much, memory lapses and these symptoms have been going on for the last 2 years, starting on 2008. Macy’s used Undue Influence on my wife to resign
Macy’s forced my wife to resign on [protected]. The Doctors finding will cover [protected] the date of the forced resignation.
Macy’s abused on a person having disability by manipulation, harassment and coercion
In 2010, 2 years after my wife forced resignation, my wife was hospitalized, (paid by Medicare), MRIs, CT Scan and many x-rays were taken. MRIs taken found holes in her brain causing mental disability. The tests that should been taken by Macy’s Insurance, but never approved by Macy’s Health Insurance in 2007, 2006 or before 2005
In 2002, Macy’s Doctor Heath Insurance prescribed 2 danger defective drugs: Fosamax and Nexium putting my wife life upside down
The doctor prescribed these drugs, because of my wife damages while working at Macy’s (got osteoporosis), for not seating, not resting and not taking breaks
Preventive Medical Care or Preventive Medicine was not practiced, neither approved by Macy’s Insurance. Insurance did not approve many drugs
If the lousy Macy’s Health Insurance did approve all the Tests, later done and paid by Medicare, my wife condition will stopped or even been safe by a long shot and having a normal life as before
But for Macy’s profits come first and employees can go straight to hell
We deal here with visible injuries and easily articulated fractures seen in radiographic studies as well on all the MRIs taken at the Medical Offices and the Hospital
For walking the sales floor for 25 years, my wife got damages on her femur, legs, knees, spinal cord for not seating, not resting and not taking breaks.
Also got bladder and Kidney disease for not drinking water
Not drinking water because of the manager pressure on my wife to sale extreme numbers of dollars every day. My wife stopped drinking water to not go to the bathroom and keep selling without control
Manager said: do that or will get in trouble or get fired
My wife forced resignation was on: [protected]
2012. Because of all the abuses done at Macy’s, my wife is a handicap person in a wheel chair for the rest of her life, not speaking, not walking and unable to do anything at all.
I’m also a disabled person and I have to take care of my wife 24 hours around the clock
Macy’s is the American Taliban
Macy’s is a company very hard to deal with and do things above the law
* MACY’S Sherman Oaks at Westfield Mall
14000 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
* Macy’s West at Culver City Mall, 6200 Slauson Ave Culver City, CA 90230


  • Fo
    foxygrandma Dec 24, 2012

    You again!!! The least you could do when you make this long of post is divide it up into paragaraphs. I have know people that have worked at Macys and have never heard any complaints like the ones that you made. People get raises that they earn, according to the work that they do. They don't give raises according to how long a person has worked there, people also don't get promoted unless they earn the promotion. My thought is that your wife volunteered to do paper work at home. She can tell you one thing, but it might not be the truth. Some people like getting all the sympathy they can.

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  • Al
    al henry Dec 25, 2012

    o foxygrandma with a poor image of her own person that tries hard to reflect on other people life
    But, you never heard my opinion about you!
    Macy's don't give raises to anybody and Macy's violates the Labor Laws all over the USA and never paid overtime and having hundreds of lawsuits
    A person that never trust anybody is a person that plays much on the borderline on her own personality
    I will make a special box, so you can fit in there, keeping your low opinion about people inside
    I think your life is full of non repairable holes
    Everyday, you look at the mirror and ask the mirror: is that me?
    Because you have doubts is the image is yours or not
    Being an old timer and not having anything to do is not the purpose of your reply
    You are somehow connected with Macy's
    But if you don't agree on what I said, , GO AHEAD AND MAKE MY DAY!

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  • Fo
    foxygrandma Dec 25, 2012

    I have never set foot in any Macy's store-------to shop or work. I have worked in retail, back in the day when there were stores like Woolworths, I have taught school, operated a day care, and worked in various offices until I retired at the age of 65, which was in 2005. Some of these office jobs were as a legal secretary. Believe me, I have plenty to do-----I spend 6-8 hours a day working on my families genealogy. I just find it real hard to believe your wife was so mistreated, when the people that I have known that have worked for Macy's for several years, have received raises, and I have never heard any complaints, other than the usual grumbling about their jobs, like a lot of people make, and they laugh about the remarks they make.

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  • lolyoulol222 Dec 25, 2012

    ^ How funny that you claim you know everything about Macys, when you never worked or shopped there ever. Stop posting lies and just stay in the kitchen. Thanks, grandma.

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