C Oct 09, 2019

I preordered the advant calendar, when it come to the date of arrival The 1st of October, i went on the chat and asked where it was, to be told that they ran out and waiting for more to be shipped in, so I was waiting waiting waiting upset because you preorder stuff so you shouldnt have to wait! finally be told that it had been packed to leave warehouse for shipping, so over a week later I look and it was still sitting at the warehouse, so I went back to the online help to be put through to someone named Macy! all I was asking is why hasn't it left the warehouse to be told that they can't help till the 5th of November! Not only has my look fantastic subscription box hasn't been shipped yet and still is sitting at the warehouse and got told they can't help me with that ethier! So o asked to cancel my subscription box as I'm so upset with what happening to me and to be hung up on! That is so rude, to hang up on a customer needing help!

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