Look Fantasticmultiple products in black friday deal

J Dec 09, 2019

This is a copy of the email I have been attempting to send but it keeps bouncing back. Near impossible to make a formal complain!

Dear Look Fantastic Team,

I am writing to express my serious disappointment about the poor customers service and response to my recent purchase from look fantastic.

I had ordered multiple items on look fantastic during the Black Friday event. There was an automatic 22% deducted from my bill and I was able to also add a voucher code enabling another 22% off. I was incredibly pleased and actually informed lots of friends about the amazing offers. There were no visible terms and conditions on the offer homepages or product pages across the website. The order was accepted and money was taken from my account.

I then received 2 emails stating there was a problem with my order and no specifics as to what the issue was. I then received an email saying my ordered had been cancelled due to a pricing error on look fantastic' end, with no further information as to why. I made a complaint via Twitter and then had to follow up more than once before anyone responded.

I have since received an email confirming it was a pricing error on your side. Due to the fact this was Look Fantastic's pricing error and own fault combined with the fact there was no clear communication or T&Cs across the website informing customers about how the offer mechanics work, I expect my order to be honoured for the price it was originally accepted at for £59.31.

I look forward to your fast response.

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