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Locate Family reviews & complaints

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Locate Family - my personal data disclosed at their website without permission.

Here is the link https://www.locatefamily.com/Street-Lists/Indonesia/index-1987.html. it is very irresponsible to disclose personal information without permission but you need permission when you want to delete it. It should be my right to delete it or we have to sue this company anyway. I never understand why this website still available not banned by local authority. I am really mad at this absurdity

Locate Family - Distortion of personal information

Hi guys
I am on the list of locate family!! Not only have all my information in public view like many people... My case is even worse...
I have a man with my surname under the same address and phone number, exactly as if he was my son! (I am single woman, no children)
Now my partner thinks I have a secret son somewhere.
Please can anyone help?
This is incredibly worrying!!!

Locate Family - their pushing inaccurate information about us to extract money from viewers

This started on August 13, 2019, when I found my name and my husbands listed on their site, with the wrong phone number, wrong relatives, wrong descriptions and the rest was fabricated. All attempt...

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Locate Family - using personal information without consent

Locate Family is using my and many people personal information without consent and they don't let even remove that information from their website. If we ask for them to remove the information they...

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Locate Family - phishing and extortion

Locatefamily.com is a website that publishes users personally identifiable information in one consolidated place. They publish the info without users consent - afterwards, they provide you with the...

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