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The reps replying to these comments continue to claim that it is clearly stated that you will automatically be charged nearly 40 dollars if you do not cancel and yet look how many people are taken by surprise. This is deceptive.
I made an attempt to cancel my subscription before I was charged 40 dollars. I believe what I did was deactivate my account instead of actually unsubscribing like I thought I had. The customer service rep I spoke to on the phone just mumbled the whole time and was useless. I have had a ticket submitted for a refund but I know they will not do anything. If I am not given at least a partial refund I intend to continue leaving my honest review of this site anywhere I can and I will advise the Career Services department I work with to never recommend this site to anyone. In fact, they should advise against it.
What this site does is technically give you the minimal fair warning in order to cover their a**es but purposefully sets it up so that we will all fall into the trap of being charged without realizing it. It's very unprofessional and frankly it's a scam.


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      Apr 23, 2016

    I would also like to say to the rep who has been commenting who is either named Katrina or Anna but you can't tell because there seems to be two different names associated: it was said to another customer "and we send payment confirmation email stating the date and amount of the auto- renewal." At least in my case, this is a lie. I never received a single email informing of the auto renewal or any charges. I have taken a screen shot of that response and claim to keep on file to use in conjunction with evidence that I never received any such email.

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  • K
      May 03, 2016

    I totally agree. I new that there would be a minimum charge after 30 days, not $ 35.80 after 1 week. I now can't find my resume, only the cover letter.
    Very disappointed in customer service as well. Live Chat and email with no response yet.

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