Lightspeed/My Surveyinactivated account without allowing me to redeem points earned

L Aug 16, 2018

I have been a member of My Survey for over 5 years and I devote a lot of time to the surveys they offer. I am disabled and the awards from these surveys allow me to redeem them for gift cards that I would not otherwise be able to have. I have had multiple issues over the 5+ years of them not giving me the points that I earned. Recently every survey that I clicked on stated that I already completed them and added the points to my account. I knew that I had not earned those points so I did not redeem them, waiting for My Survey to correct their problem and adjust my account accordingly. Rather than fixing it AND giving me 600 points for a 7 day survey that I took, they merely inactivated my account and banned me from future membership. I never even tried to redeem the points that were awarded when their system was not working and yet they are calling it fraud on my end. I am totally fed up with their tactics. There is no contact phone number and even if they do drop my membership, I still earned enough points to redeem that I should be able to use!

inactivated account without allowing me to redeem points earned

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