Life Time Fitnesspersonal trainer was unprofessional, extremely rude, disrespectful and bad employee (lack of customer service skills).

M Oct 30, 2019

My name is Marq Finezza.
I apologize for writing this complaint. My wife and I just experienced a terrible employee ( personal trainer) name Justin at Lifetime Athletics in Henderson Nevada where my family and I love to go to stay healthy and live a better life. I've been a member for A little more than 5 years now and I spent thousands of dollars in this place from personal trainers to supplements before this place even opened few years ago. I was a member in Summerlin area back then until they opened a new place here in Green Valley Henderson. The place is always professional This just happened today 10/29/2019 at approximately between 8:00 pm - 8:30pm. I'm sure you have coverage around the area where it happened to review. My wife and I were working out around the area where OutRace frames located on 2nd level. I was using a rubber band to workout and I placed my protein shaker bottle on top of adjustable Plyo Board. I was by myself at the area and there was another Plyo Board available next to mine . He took his client to my side and started using the Plyo Board where I placed my protein Bottle. He slammed a medicine ball on it and almost knocked my bottle off, the bottle moved left to right but I managed to take it off and put it on the ground and just shaked my head. This happened right next to me while I was using the rubber band next to the Plyo Board. Justin did not even asked if the bottle was mine and why didn't he use the one next to mine where nobody was using it. I felt like he was invading my personal space Physically and rudely started using equipment right where i was about to use the Plyo Board after the rubber band workout next to it. I asked for his name and he gave me his name without even apologizing. My wife witnessed this happened in front of her. We were shocked and puzzled about this employee. We've never seen any employees with this kind of treatment. I'm a K9 Officer and I usually see this act out there in this world, but not at lifetime fitness. I always tried to convince people I know and my department to join the gym because how professional and nice the employees are, but this happened . It's unfortunate but please do not tolerate this action from your employee. Lack of gym etiquette, unprofessional and very rude . People are paying too much membership to this amazing place not to be treated the way he did to me. I'm not sure if he's a new trainer because I've never seen him before. I know most trainers there too, like I said I spent thousands of dollars for personal trainers there and my wife now is working on One of their nutritionist. We really love this place, please fix this employee's attitude or Customer service training . He needs to realized what he's done and should face some consequences. He should set an example especially in front of his client. I can only imagine how his client would do now, knowing that rudeness is ok in this facility. Again, I apologize but I have to say something so it won't happen again to another customer.

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