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Learning RXFraud- Unqualified professional Staffs

As a hard working parent, I was taken back to recently find out that the owner of the learning RX in Sanford Florida -Ms. Suzanne Gory was a hairstylist for the past nine years . If I would have known this important inforamtion I would have never given this person the day of light not because of her hair stylist career but this was a deep and serious matter I was dealing with. Our child's academic challenges and $5000.00 dollars of flash cards. A total fraud in my dictionary. i would like to strongly advice future parents to seek deeper into the background of the people who call themselves professional in brain development or learning strategists areas which they have very little knowledge working with ADD, ADHD or any other brian training skills. it is sad to be mislead and believe that the people involved are high prepared for the task of helping our children and only being there for the money.


  • Co
    Concerned26 Feb 23, 2017

    I went in for an interview at the Chandler, AZ franchise. The owner purchased another franchise in Scottsdale and is hiring trainers for the new franchise location. I learned that the employment ad was misleading stating that training is 15 hours over 4-5 days. The man who conducted the interview while the owner sat there not participating said that training is about 3-4 weeks unpaid and more training is at home working on your own computer. A trainer may not see any hourly wage for 2-3 months. Training may be paid after a first graduate in six months. IMO the interview was designed to demean my education and experience by giving brain tests that I was not prepared for. First off I graduated summa cum laude with my bachelors and have two masters, but felt that the man was demeaning towards me. I had to do positive self-talk to help me not let that negative experience get to me. I have worked with children and adults with mental and behavioral difficulties for many years in several schools. I just kept thinking if I was made to feel uncomfortable in a job interview then how do they treat new and existing clients and/or are they manipulated into buying into the program? My feeling during that interview was that the business seemed shady like a mind game. The employment ad was misleading and the interview gave me bad vibes. I felt I wasted my time going to an interview when if I had known about the length of unpaid training prior to the interview I would not have gone there.

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  • Jp
    J Parke Apr 29, 2015

    I have a family member who is in high school and her parents took her to be tested so they could help improve her ACT scores. The test “proved” that the high schooler who makes A-B-C’s at a private school is way below average and needs these $12, 000 classes immediately to retrain her brain or her future is in the balance! People, stay away from this place, it’s a scam! Preying on young adults, parents and children – find another way to make money! This is unacceptable! If this child was this deficient in her learning abilities (as this test "proved") this parent (and teachers in her schools) would have noticed well before high school! I am very upset that such as this even exists. If you want to help people, choose people who actually need help, don't just steal money from those who won't benefit from your outrageous claims!

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    CheeseBabe WI Apr 15, 2015

    I was convinced for years that I have ADD. I got a coupon for a reduced rate of $99 for testing, a consultation with the director, and two 75 minute trainings. After I purchased the coupon I researched brain training, which I should have done before I purchased the coupon. Scientists spent years to see if it could make a major difference for people. Their was no conclusive evidence that brain training works other then helping some people with their memory. I am leery about the training but at least I will get an idea of how it works first hand. From reading responses I'm happy to hear that I need to watch out for what I can be charged for the program. I don't plan to spend thousands of dollars on this. I wish there was a guarantee that this works but I'm sure they won't allow it because of the homework that may not be done on a consistent basis. My motto is you don't ask, you don't get so I will definitely ask for a guarantee and negotiate the rate as low I can get it or will not purchase the program. Can anyone tell me how they knew test results were falsified? Thanks!

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    AL76 Dec 06, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I believe that Learning Rx does work for some people.
    I also believe that a company should stand behind their promises, and Learning Rx does not.
    When we signed our daughter up (she was struggling in school, never able to focus or complete tasks), the directors of the Learning Rx center promised us that they would be able to fix those problems. I'm not talking wishy-washy statements like, "We think she will..." or "She will probably..." I mean they looked me in the eye and emphatically said "I promise you..." As a parent who loves and wants the best for my child, who was at that point desperate to help her, I believed them.
    12 weeks and almost $10, 000 later, nothing had changed (we ultimately had to pull her out of her school - she's doing a little better in her new environment, but still struggles and is just "getting by"). When I met with the directors, they apologized, but absolutely wouldn't make good on their guarantees by either extending her training until the promised results were seen, or returning even some of our money. Calls to their corporate office to complain were always forwarded to the voice mail of the person who handles complaints. You can probably guess that nobody has yet returned my calls.
    I could go into great detail about some issues and suspicious things that I noticed (but foolishly ignored) during her training, but I'm trying to keep this brief.
    As I said at the top, I'm sure Learning Rx works for some people. But of the 5 people or I know who've gone through their training (or whose kids have gone through), 1 saw clear improvement, 2 saw small improvements, and 2 saw no improvements at all. Before enrolling your son or daughter, ask yourself: Is a 1-in-5 chance of significant improvement is worth the $5-10, 000 investment? Especially with a company that won't honor its promises?

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  • Pc
    PcolaUGA Nov 20, 2014

    I am sure there are some families that weren't a good fir for the LRx program. However, our 8yr son is in the tail end of the 24 week program. I too was skeptical but did my homework and checked with other families and doctors. We have absolutely no resources for kids like my son in our area. He has a language disability, auditory processing, ADHD and disnomia. My son had given up despite numerous professionals, speech therapy, dedicated teachers giving free tutoring, and other school officials taking extra time and effort to help us solve this frustrating puzzle. At first, we didn't see much change. In fact, we were about to give up when our son said comments like he wished he could die and come back as a smart person so he'd know what it was like. Then, suddenly about three weeks later it all started coming together. He is making 100s on nearly everything, homework is now a normal process and is no longer a struggle, and he is finally understanding the processes of math and reading fluently. But, the most positive outcome we are seeing is our son's confidence is soaring. I recently mentioned to him, I was very proud of him and wasn't he glad he is doing LRx? His response was "Mom, it's cause of me, not LRx." This alone is all I've ever wanted---- for my son to have the confidence he is smart, that he can do the work, and he won't give up on school before he even gets started. The program has been amazing for us and worth every penny.

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  • Ka
    kate hickey Oct 06, 2014

    If anyone above is interested in sharing their experience's with Brain RX over email or Sykpe with me that would be much appreciated.

    I am an Australian Journalist Investigating Brain RX's benifits and disadvantages.

    Please contact me on [email protected]


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  • Le
    learningrxtrainer Sep 08, 2014

    I was a trainer at learning RX which brought me to this post. I was never convinced that this program was worth the money. A lot of the activities have absolutely nothing to do with anything that could benefit your child academically. I am not sure how reciting the presidents in order forwards and backwards in under a minute will help your child? A lot of the activities were meaningless in my opinion and the program is entirely overpriced. The ReadingRX portion of the program was also disappointing. It just consists of strange pronunciations that your child will never use in real life. Just wanted to share my opinion/inside information.

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  • No
    Nothappydaddy Apr 06, 2014

    I wasted $6800. I told my wife this was going to be a waste of time, but she insisted. In order to keep peace on our marriage I agree to give Learning RX a chance. It was going to be a six month program. By the third month, my daughter hated going there. Since we already paid for it, we kind of force her to go. In the end, their "results" show a progress, but in reality and in school I see no progress at all. It was a TOTAL SCAM! I wasted time and money. I am still paying for it. I wish I had used that money for good vacation with my family instead. In case your wondering. We live in Wisconsin, near Green Bay.

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  • Hr
    hrmcwilliams Jan 10, 2014

    I would like to take a moment to tell you about my experience at the Lafayette LearningRx. When we reached out to them we were feeling desperate for help with our 5 year little boy, while brilliant he could not seem to remember the names of letters and numbers. When I spoke to them we were told how they could help that they would test him and come up with a program that would be for him and his needs, that would work on locating the problem area and that they train his brain to work past the problems that he was having. However, what we found when we got there was nothing like that at all…what happened was, yes our child was taken off to be tested and we were shown a video that promised the answers that we were desperate for. Then we were taken to the director’s office in the back, note before our child was even out of testing, and she started her sells pitch on a “cookie cutter” program for our child. We were told how this is the answer….how was she to know his testing wasn’t even back but she knew his problem and this prebuilt program was the answer, not the specific program of cognitive skills that he needed help on but this one. Then came the “test results” he was given an IQ test that showed our child was below average that his IQ was a 78!! That he was a year or more behind on ever age level cognitive skill, we were shocked at this. But, then came the reason why his test results were so low… because the director was promising us IN WRITING that the program would increase his IQ and cognitive skills, that they would increase his IQ by 15 to 20 points. My husband and I at this point both saw this as a scam; it was a sells pitch for a cookie cutter program with padded test scores to insure results. How can I say that it is a scam and that the results were padded well that following week we took our child to a licensed clinical psychologist and he performed several test on our child including an IQ test and not only is our child’s IQ not low, it is extremely high he is not years behind in any cognitive skills the one and only problem area that the test showed was connecting the names of letters and numbers to the images of the them.
    It is sad that there are companies out there like this that feed off of parents in crisis, looking for help for their children. That they promise help to desperate families with testing that they don’t even have the skills nor license to interpret. That they guarantee results off of altered scores and lowered cognitive skills. They advertise a program built to help with our child’s individualized problems but all they have to offer is a prebuilt program for all, at an outrageous cost. I will share this on every site out there about LearningRx so that other families searching for answer for their struggling child will not waste $300.00 on testing or time trying to find help at this awful company.

    Sadly Disappointed,

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  • Ma
    Marc Gibson Nov 21, 2013

    I was a trainer In Texas and and here is what I learned:

    LearningRx is a scam from deep in their core to the way they do business: selling hot air and snake oil for idiots. They package and market it to those in need and without much of an education to believe in it.

    They tell prospective clients everyone is unique and they don't know how much the program will cost so that the client can come in. The problem is there is no customization. Everyone gets the same program that is over a decade old (called ThinkRx) because Learningrx doesn't create anything other than hot air. From what i know, they have more failed centers and failing centers than successful ones.
    And they don't pay very well.

    What other industry would pay trainers $12-$13 to charge their clients $85? Pigs! What clients would believe that a 21 year old without a college degree and my center director who had no experience in education or a clue about neurology or Neuroplasticity, would be able to change their brains? Learningrx is by idiots and for idiots. Coming to learningrx is like buying a really expensive lottery ticket. You might win!

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  • Ju
    justbeachin49 Sep 04, 2013

    Let me begin by saying that I went for an interview with them and was floored at what I saw and their total unprofessionalism as a company. I was scheduled for a 4pm interview and I had to sit and wait because "the director is giving a test and I don't know when she will be available." There were kids in the lobby and these kids were working with small strips of paper matching them to strips of paper on a bulletin board. Finally, one of the so called "trainers" came out of a room. He was dressed very sloppily in a polo shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. There are refreshments left out for the kids and drinks and so on. I have never seen a learning establishment run like this one. The "trainer" kept talking about how the kids needed to pay attention. When the director finally did take me to her office for an "interview", she dwelled on the fact that I had tutored previously and that this business was unlike tutoring. I feel as if people are tossing them money for nothing and that they are a make money scam! They do need investigating. I only saw one spiral notebook for testing and I could do these types of tests with students as a tutor, if I wished to do so. Total waste of tons of money!!...LOL

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  • Pr
    Promoting Music Aug 03, 2013

    Try Music Lessons! Affordable Option!

    My Child, SPD, ADHD, not on meds, entered
    public school system with all kinds of sensory
    integration, social skills issues. Poor attention, etc
    you name it.
    Grades skyrocketed to A's 2nd, 3rd, 4th
    semester! How?! Enrolled her in Violin lessons!
    That trained the brain cognitive skills, pre-frontal
    cortex. Left brain worked with the right brain.. Google it!

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  • Ci
    Cindy Siegel Jun 19, 2013

    Scam, Fraud - DON'T DO IT" I asked the director of the Short Hills, NJ LearningRX if they guaranteed their program, she emailed me back "Yes, we guarantee it.". Half way through program we told them there was no improvement. They insisted we had to complete the program for the guarantee. When completed they said sorry in our contract, more training...We never signed a contract, they forged my signature (without my permission) to get us a $10, 000.00 line of credit. We were not at all pleased with the results. We are still in dispute with them. They are dishonest, committed fraud, misleading, skew test results in their favor, forged my signature and are not backing up their guarantee. The prey on people who are desperate to help their children.

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  • Un
    Unhappy Jose May 09, 2013

    Learning RX did not help my child to become more focused. What they did, is that they took $5, 400.00 from us.
    We went to the office on Northwest in San Antonio, TX and I can tell you that this people are more concerned about the money than on seeing your child succeed.

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  • Wo
    worried DAD Apr 28, 2013

    Our son was just "teste"d and showed 5th percentile short term and 10th percentile long term memory but 50th percentile cog. WOW a perfect candidate for the program. My wife is ready to write checks but the whole thing sounded too "made just for him". when my wife cringed at the cost they suggested that we could sort of amortize the cost by using the materials flashcards and a metronome (?) for our other 3 kids. I'd love to see what he would score if retested by a different tester at the same place. we have eval's from neuropsychiatrists and others who never put his levels this low. Is this so a positive post-test improvement is guaranteed? I'm suspicious.

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  • Bl
    BlueElder Mar 13, 2013

    My 15 year old son has Asperger's. Looking on the net to see what I can do to help him. I called LearningRX Center and have a few concerns. They said they would test him. I have already had him tested for everything they said they would test for. When I asked if they would take my results from a Psy.D and a Ph.d, CCC-SLP they said no. When I asked why the said they had to do there own testing and the testing would cost $199.00. Then I asked what insurance they took they explained to me that they do not take insurance. I am confused at this point because when I had my son tested by the for-mentioned doctors insurance was accepted. Something just does not sound right. If these people are qualified to give these test, interpret these test, and make a program for my son, why do they not accept any form of insurance?

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  • St
    stbCP2012 Feb 11, 2013

    i applied to be a cognitive trainer. i noticed that one of the trainers didn't like me so much, by the way he spoke to me and answered my questions. the day after, i had practiced a lot of the material given to me and i went to another hour training session. After i left the the center, trainer called me and said : we don't think you will be ready to train people fast enough, you're a little behind... to which i said: i believe that with practice i can be ready, i have only been trained for 4 hours. anyway story short they didn't want me anymore. but when i was observing the other trainers i noticed that some didn't treat the children with respect. also about the price...parents have to pay a lot of money for these types of programs and the trainers get paid for each hour they are training a child, which seems fair but 4 session of an hour means that they only get paid for 4 hours/day even if they have to stay in the center for more hours. in my opinion this can make the trainers slack on their work and also be so money oriented, that they don't care about the children. they care about making a little more money. the trainers are paid very minimal and they don't receive extensive training, only about 12 hours or so. i applied to Learning RX because i have a passion for children and because i am working toward being a child psychologist. i believe that they didn't reject me because "i wasn't getting the material" (say the word not the color, not so hard c'mon) but because i was asking way too many questions...such as how does a particular technique help children?, etc. so i am very disappointed about programs like learning RX because they are more focused on money and on how they want you not to question their process. after speaking with the trainer i felt as if i was inadequate and almost dumb, i mean i am pretty sure saying colors and counting is pretty easy...i hope that is not the way they treat children, lowering their self-esteem in order to profit from their parents. by the way i was a straight A student. i graduated college Summa Cum Laude and i have many awards that show i am efficient, intelligent and able to "learn". i think is a shame that Learning RX treats people like fools, especially children and parents.

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  • Ha
    Happy with LearningRx Jan 24, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My 7 year old daughter has been going to LearningRx in San Antonio (Northwest) for 3 months and has improved quite a bit. It sounds like we got lucky with the trainers and director at this location. They all seem to genuinely care about my daughter's progress, improvements and overall well-being. Initially I thought the cost was higher than I would have liked, but it has been well worth it. I'm even considering another program area when she completes this one. I will sacrifice other things before I will sacrifice my daughter's learning possibilities. After all, this is going to help her confidence and her ability to succeed her whole life.

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  • Cu
    curiousaboutrx Jan 23, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Anyone have information about the Learning Rx on Upper Montclair, NJ?

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  • Ma
    MargoK Nov 15, 2012

    I applied for a job at Learning RX and they told me that I don't have the cognitive skills in order to deliver the program. I am in my 50s and I am thinking of going through the program. I think it would help me and perhaps stave off alzheimers. I also thought that I might then be able to work there. Just wondering what opinions of those here are. Thanks.

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  • Mn
    MNmomof3 Oct 23, 2012

    Has anyone had experience with the facility in Chanhassen, MN? I am looking for help for my son and was kind of excited to see their claims for success. But now after reading some of the comments on this site, I am very skeptical.

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  • Hk
    HK36TTC Oct 04, 2012

    If the negative statements that I read above are true I would strongly recommend that they be communicated to the appropriate legal authorities not "The Main Office". Fraud with children's education for profit is no small matter. Let the courts sort out what is fact from fiction.

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  • Sa
    Sailorgirl86 Sep 20, 2012

    I have read through all the responses and understand that each franchise is different. I too am desperate to help my ADHD diagnosed middle schooler. My son was evaluated at the LearningRx in San Antonio recently and my husband and I are considering enrolling him. We were impressed with the center's different way of training children. The issue is that we do not have the required $11, 000 for a six month program and would need to borrow money. An alternative to the LearningRx is a private school located here in San Antonio, the Winston School, specializing in teaching students with ADHD. Their annual tuition is $16, 000. Our dilemma is whether to risk investing in such a pricey a program that may or may not help improve his attention/focus or set him up for success by enrolling him in a school with trained professionals in ADHD. Another concern, after reading several posts, is that one of the issues with my son is motivation. I've had him attend other therapeutic programs in which he did great while at the session, but at home had no desire to practice what he had learned. Oftentimes, trying to get him to cooperate would result in him becoming aggressive (he's diagnosed with a mood disorder as well). My question is whether anyone has had experience with the LearningRx in San Antonio. I'd appreciate any feedback.

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  • Ys
    Ysne58 Jun 06, 2012

    @the truth be told. You do have the right to sue for your last pay check. It is illegal to withhold pay like that. You may, depending on what state you are in, also be able to claim punitive damages and attorneys fees and court costs.

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  • Br
    Brainpower Jun 05, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please check out John Keller's story. Learning Rx offers real results and real hope. All students are re-tested one year after their program is completed. Cognitive skills are not lost. Brain training re-wires and strengthens the brain, and strong cognitive skills are essential to reaching one's learning potential. It is an investment, but the results are long-term and well worth it.

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  • Pe
    PermanentImprovement May 05, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have studies been done to prove that LearningRx results are permanent? For example, have former students from LearningRx been tested 10 years+ after their training was completed to see if their cognitive skills continued to be operating at the higher levels they achieved through training?

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  • Cc
    cc36 Apr 30, 2012

    I have two children with add and want them both to do great in school after reading this not sure if it will help and wondering just how much is it ? If it works i can see spending 5, 000 but thats crazy if it does not help parents do I give this a try ?

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  • Sm
    SmartnHappy Mar 26, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Short Hills, New Jersey. If anyone lives in the neighborhood, come by and visit. We have many satisfied parents and very happy students who are feeling great because learning has become so much easier. By the way, my son is graduating from 8th grade. That was not the case a few months ago. He got 100 on his last science test. Before LearningRx we only hoped for a passing grade.

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  • Bi
    birdmom Mar 26, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear SmartnHappy, Where is your LearningRX located?

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  • Sm
    SmartnHappy Mar 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a Franchisee of a LearningRx as well as a mother of a child with ADHD. My son could not qualify for an IEP, but was failing the 8th grade even with medication. Finding LearningRx was the answer to my prayers. The reason my son could not qualify for an IEP was that the school only tested his achievement scores, not his cognitive ability. When I went to LearningRx they did the cognitive testing and I discovered that he had very little long-term memory and less processing speed. Basically, he could not process information and then he could not remember any of it.
    I was so impressed with my son's results from LearningRx that I bought the franchise so that I could get the word out to parents who are tearing their hair out trying to find an answer to their children's learning struggles. I found it!!
    Am I making a fortune? Not even close. One-on-one training is costly. My profit-margin is really small. Is the training a bit expensive? Not for a fix! You can pay thousands for tutoring and what have you accomplished? Got them through another grade. A great band aid. Six months of LearningRx made tutoring seem like a joke. The thing about brain training is that it continues to improve cognitive skills even after the training has ended. It even improved my son's soccer game. He just thinks faster.
    I perform many of the assessments myself. I see the results. If anyone is playing with the numbers, shame on you and someone please turn them in. The program works and we don't have to cheat. Our program is guaranteed. No results, you don't pay. I had one student who is the son of a neuro-psychologist. She did the testing herselt (both before and after). She was so astounded by the results that she sends us all of her patients and wants us to accompany her on some speaking engagements.
    Please don't miss out on this opportunity because some disgruntled employee is trying to get back at an employer who probably fired them for doing what they are accusing.

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  • Sy
    sydneysjrstate Feb 28, 2012

    Although I can understand why you might feel duped Sarah, you have to understand that Learning Rx is a franchise, and anyone with enough money can own one. I somewhat agree with your feeling that the company is a scam. The company makes many claims about helping people, and they say that they have scientific proof, but after extensive research on the Learning Rx scientific board, I can conclude that their claims may not be backed with enough scientific evidence. The company's scientific board has only a few published researchers with valid credentials. Thus, the claims Learning Rx makes cannot be proven or justified. Other scientists haven't said much about Learning Rx and its' claims because there is nothing truly scientific about it. You probably should've spent more time on research before spending thousands of dollars on a program for your child.You cannot blow money on something until you know it has the backing of an acclaimed source. Even if Learning Rx did had firm scientific evidence, you would still have to keep in mind that a program like that isn't going to fix every child's problems.

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  • Ne
    NeedmoreInfo Feb 23, 2012

    I am considering Learning RX also in Indianapolis, IN. Truth betold. Can you please email me at [email protected]

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  • Ba
    bac2004 Feb 22, 2012

    As a new client of Learning Rx, I can express concern over allegations of test score adulteration. However, I will add that my son's WJ cognitive scores were directly in line with his CoGAT results, which were administered at his school. As any parent, I would hate to think that my desperation could be exploited for financial gain, but after reading dozens of articles on the issues I confront with my son and his academic progress, Learning Rx seems to offer the only solutions that make any sense. I get no help from the school system. Faculty doesn't even know how to interpret CoGAT scores. Psychologists provide nothing more than assessments for ADD or ADHD, which my son was determined to NOT have. He has been labeled a conduct problem and the never ending harassment to modify behavior that apparently ONLY takes place in the classroom has become oppressive. Therefore, after reading all the literature at the Learning Rx facility, studying what his test results actually imply, and weighing the consequences of doing nothing, the way I see things is that the Learning Rx program provides me an alternative that definitely can't hurt our situation and will most likely deliver on it's intended results.

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  • Dr
    dr. john Davidson Jul 23, 2011

    I have been in the field of reading for over 20 years. I have personally worked with over 1000 student. I have attended the key national reading conference for these same years. The reality: there is no quick fix to a reading/learning problem. The number of intervention hours necessary to 'normalize' a child reading and learning processes who is behind are far more than what Learning Rx is saying is necessary. There always seem to be some shinny quick fix that is slickly marketed that pulls people off course and drains a families precious money. I have worked with countless students who have enrolled in franchises only to find out the staff turnover is high, their training poor, and the end quality subpar. It is sad. Steer clear of a franchise where profit is key, do your homework and find a skilled, experienced provider, and stay the course.

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  • Ll
    lloydsofbutler Jun 10, 2011

    I recently had my son tested at our local Learning RX. The director was very intelligent and an educator in the past. She had been in the administrative field as well as a teacher for almost every grade level. However, as I read the above reviews, I have to say that I am concerned. False tests, not holding to the guarantee and other things make me a little leary. I do not think that all the centers should be compared the same. I am a pretty good judge of character and she is very optimistic that she can help my son. I just don't know what to do now.

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  • Pr
    Prayerfully May 24, 2011

    I am so glad that I stumbled upon this entertaining conversation. I am researching buying this franchise and it is nice to see that we are all human and entitled to our opinion. Each needs to do his own research and choose his priorities; whether it be cost, parental responsibility or saying something just to be heard/seen. I have worked with a similar program to LearningRX and found the growth results to be rewarding. From what I have researched about LearningRX it is nothing like tutoring and should not be compared to it, Mr. Cwieka.

    I have heard the saying "keep what you need and leave the rest"...I will leave the rest.

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  • Hp
    hpyfmly6 Apr 18, 2011

    I, like many others on here, am looking into LearningRX. I am due to go back next week for our consultation. I have a 14 year-old son who is dyslexic. We have done A LOT of testing and A LOT therapy through other sources, and have found out that he has auditory and visual disorders. We have spent thousands of dollars on different curricula and therapy trying to get our son the help he needs. He is our MAIN priority. While the cost of a program does matter, if the science is there and the proof is in "the pudding", so to speak, then why wouldn't I try it? Is he worth it? Absolutely! (Even if the scores are botched, the testimonials are hand written by the parents)

    I have heard from some on this board that the brain training has worked for their children. I have heard from disgruntled employees, who in my opinion, should have gone straight to the top with the dishonesty. Then I have heard from people who have an opinion but know nothing about LearningRX or have never been to a facility. If you're basing your opinion on a bad experience at a franchise, then go somewhere else. If I go to McDonalds and don't like the customer service then I won't go there anymore. I'll find a different McDonalds to go to. Not to mention that each McDonalds is individually owned and operated and is given a set of standards and rules to comply by. How well they do that and how ethical they are is completely up to them. I know the comparison is far fetched, so don't get on to me and think that I am trying to compare McDonalds to LearningRX...I can't stand McDonalds anyways :) But I hope you get the point.

    What I have learned: There are MANY programs out there that claim to be able to help your child with their disability. It's my responsibility to do my homework, visit the facility if I need more information and make an educated decision. Some will work, some won't.

    What I do know? I have 3 1/2 years to get my son the help he needs so he can get a job and someday and support a family. 3 1/2 years. I'm willing to try something that looks promising!

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  • Ne
    NeedaHairCutWhileReading Mar 28, 2011

    LearningRx - Great name.

    Because you have hairstylists who also help people read at LearningRx, can my child get their hair cut while getting reading lessons?

    You know, multi-task.

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  • Tu
    tupperpepe Mar 27, 2011

    Holy Crap...I just did a web search about learning rx and found this website! If you ask me...and I know none of you did, there are way too many people with the feeling of being ripped off. Real or not it's not for me to decide...But it's enough for me to say no way.
    You guys know as parents it often comes down to you gut feeling. A store just doesn't seem you pass by. A bathroom not very well lit..."We'll wait". If you're waiting for a video of Mike Wallace getting them all to admit it's a just aint coming. For me if it smells funny...throw it away.

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  • Fi
    first-hand-experience Mar 25, 2011

    I also was in management with LearningRx. Let me start by saying, I worked at two different locations (each with different owners). I started as a receptionist and tester and worked my way up to Assistant Director. The first center I worked at was everything negative you've heard so far. Everything from falsifying test scores to trying to make her employees claim they were independent contractors (the laws might be different in each state). I worked there and I wouldn't buy the lines she was feeding parents. When I moved, I hadn't found a job and just called the center to inquire. I went in to meet the staff and see the was nothing like the previous location I had worked at. Each location is unique.
    If you are a parent, I would tell you to ask for a couple weeks worth of trial sessions first. Then you can judge for yourself. I have an elementary teaching certificate and I have seen the many children it has helped. But it isn't the magic "cure" for all children.
    If you are looking to become a franchisee, I would tell you to do your research! Randomly call LRx centers on the website. Do not only contact the select few thriving franchise numbers they give you. LearningRx is a family owned/operated franchise. BE CAREFUL! They all have each other's backs and as long as their families are thriving, life is good!! I watched my employer struggle with no national marketing campaign and extremely high royalties.
    Hope this helps!

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