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Lambert & Lambert mislead me in submitting my invention. I mail them $199 for my inventions and they said it was for an evaluation process. They send my report back and said that my invention did not pass the score had to be 96 and I got a 84. They also send me additional information to other companies that I had to pay any where from $500 to $1000 to get my invention produce. They did not tell me that upfront. They states that they will spend they money to get your invention produced. I have been requesting a refund and now they got my money and will not response back to me. They website sound very convincing. I saw on RipOff website they are scammers. PLease help me to get my money back. Thanks Barbara


  • Ke
    kevin Dec 01, 2008

    The fact that they turned your idea away because it didn't score high enough seems like they aren't running a scam. if it was a scam wouldn't they accept every idea because weither or not it had any potential to become an actual product wouldn't matter. if it was a scam they'd accept every idea because they're making money off of you and not off of the idea. Since your invention scored too low why would you be interested in paying more money to them to push your idea?

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  • Ge
    georgia54 Apr 30, 2009

    It seems to me that Lambert & Lambert Invent is a good company. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are professional members of the United Inventors Association. Also, you can find reviews from inventors at:

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  • St
    stephen952 Jul 23, 2009

    Lambert & Lambert Inventions is a Rip-Off. They are in business of scamming people out of there $199 upfront fee and are partnering with other companies to take your money after they give your invention a 86 in the end. Stay away!!

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  • Na
    NATTINUT Oct 25, 2009

    Why hasn't Lambert & Lambert replied to this blog?

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  • Nu
    Nunyabusyness Oct 28, 2009

    Their website states very plainly that the fee is for evaluation only, and they don't promise to take every invention submitted to them. You got what you paid for, which was a report. Come up with another idea, or use that report to help write a business plan to get funding to build the company yourself. Although, based on your grammar and spelling I would hire someone else to write that business plan.

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  • In
    inventor Dec 01, 2009

    I have 15 to 20 ideas and i was about to contact Lamber & Lamber but i'm glad i found this site. It seems that every invention company are a bunch of greeddy people and is very sad for people with great ideas that sooner or later these ideas die along with your dreams.

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  • La
    Lambertinvent Dec 08, 2009

    My name is Trevor Lambert and I am the President and founder of Lambert & Lambert, Inc. Unfortunately, since we signed a Nondisclosure/Confidentiality Agreement with "Barbara" when she submitted, I can not speak on the specific merits of her invention - which admittedly poses a challenge when dealing with her complaint in this public forum. Nevertheless, let me just say that any neutral party who reviewed her invention when looking over our market research would see that the product lacked commercial feasibility.

    Clearly she misunderstood our process for whatever reason, which led to this complaint. Reading our website anyone can see that we represent inventors on contingency only after we perform an evaluation that focuses on the "licensability" of the invention. Our research consists of competitive analysis on existing products in the marketplace, a patent search and 16 other criteria key to a successful product. Yes, that evaluation has a fee of $199, yet considering a patent search alone usually costs $500+ with most service providers, I think you will see the value and understand we are not getting rich off of evaluations. Rather, our evaluation process provides a system by which we can consider new products for representation utilizing scientific methodology.

    Further, I would like to assure the visitors to this site that our company continues to represent inventors and successfully license inventions on their behalf. Should you need reassurance on the legitimacy of our company (which has been in business nearly a decade) let me just site the following about our company:

    - Member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating
    - Professional Member of the United Inventors Association
    - Official Good Guy by the National Inventor Fraud Center
    - Member of the Minnesota Inventors Congress

    Finally, I personally am a member of the Licensing Executives Society, I speak at inventor organizations (such as the Inventors Network), I completed a book (Invent Secrets) and have had articles published - most recently one was published in the Inventors Digest, and just this month I was elected to the Board of Directors for the United Inventors Association.

    If this doesn't convince you that we are a legitimate company, I invite you to call us and speak with some of my staff or visit our offices for a face-to-face meeting. I understand that this industry is filled with sharks, yet I assure you we are not one of them.

    In the end we continue to have a nominal fee for the evaluation and work on contingency thereafter instead of charging inventors $10, 000-20, 000 like our competitors. Yes, we turn down inventions that we feel won't be successful, but I would rather remain honest and tell inventors what I really think about their invention, rather than fill them with hope to get them to spend thousands on their invention.

    All my best, Trevor

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  • Pa
    Paul S.. Dec 16, 2009

    I recently sent my idea to Lambert & Lambert and so far they seem to be nothing but complete profesionals. I understand they need to evaluate my product and make a decision on weather its marketable. All ideas are not good ideas. Why wouldnt they jump on idea if its o good one? It would be more profit for them. If you dont like there response go another direction, try & prove them wrong. Sour grapes taste awful.Try, try again.
    Cleveland, Oh.

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  • Pa
    pat shields Jan 09, 2010

    I am thinking about submitting my idea to Lambert and Lambert. To me my idea is the
    best thing that has been thought of since the wheel. I want to let you all know one thing
    the excitement and energy that this idea gives me is just as important to me as getting it to market and seing it on shelves at the sporting goods store. However I know that it is
    what it is just an idea. Like all ideas some are good some not so good. Every inventor that
    has ever thought of a product has thought the same thing- this is going to be a glod mine-
    This my friends is not the case I would estimate that 1 in 3000 ideas become a reality.
    Knowing the latter I still have confidance in my product so if I lose $200 because the evaluation system they use says my product is not good enough then they saved me alot of money other companies out there would have stolen. One such company I contacted wanted $898 for the same thing Lambert and Lambert is going to do for $2oo
    SUGESTION: Donot be so blinded by your idea and see it for what it is just an idea, your puppy and we all want our puppies to grow int dogs but reality tells us that dont always happen. If your idea did not work for you I will sell you mine for 30 grand.


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  • Kd
    KDIp Jan 21, 2010

    I am glad Lambert responded. I was just reading the 8 paragraph contract or as they call it "Legal Disclosure and Information" I received from Patent Assistance Worldwide which shares a page with a box for your credit card information so that I can pay the $1, 279.oo they are going to charge me for what works out to be their opinion. However the BBB has given them a B-. Even if I didn't think they were scammers, which i do, I would definitely rather pay $200 than the former. And because I am on an extremely limited budget right now I'm still going to shop around and take my time to make sure my invention makes it to the next round. I'd like to see one of those rejection reports, it seems like that would be a valuable tool in this process. Better luck next time Barb.


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  • Ri
    Ricoh Calahan Feb 05, 2010

    I decided to go forward with Patent Assistance Worldwide. I received a full patent search with an attached leagal opinion from a registered patent attorney, a great market analysis covering 33 factors that may affect my idea and a very detailed graphic illustration of my idea. All this was put in a Produt Guide that outlined everything about my idea. GOOD WORK! Very happy, the same attorney filed a patten application for me and was very good at explaining the process to me in detail. I have an offer for my idea, but I want to wait for Global Licensing Partners to find me a better one.

    Seems you didn't really use this company, they are great!!

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  • Ne
    new inventor Feb 13, 2010

    I have been dealing with other promotion companies you propably guess who and have to be fair to lambert and lambert they are much cheaper and saw some of their reports compared to other companies are far better, we also have to be fair that some inventions are totally useless and have no market but lambert and lambert from the above info seems to reject to go any further and suck money from people unlike other companies who they are aware the product is useless and yet they charge people extortionate amont of hard earned money.

    Cheers, BH

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  • Te
    techgal09 Feb 23, 2010

    I've been working with Patent Assistance Worldwide and my invention/idea passed their review board...they seem reputable to me, though they do have a B- with the BBB, I've spoken with IP Watchdog and they know nothing negative at least about them. The FTC and the Attorney General's office in Miami FL doesn't seem to have any complaints with them and they work on a contingency fee basis that is more than fair to the inventor. So I'll let you know how it turns out, they want my invention ready for the June Tradeshow here in Las Vegas, it's at the Mandalay Bay Casino and it's called the Licensee Tradeshow if I remember right...good luck to all inventors and check out Gene Quinn and IP Watchdog, it's a great site to learn from for sure...

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  • Cp
    CPreston Mar 08, 2010

    I'm wondering how it went with working with Patent Assistance Worldwide. I'm also pursuing an idea with them right now. I have already paid the up front $1200 for all the info. They are just waiting for me to pay the next almost $6000 and they will go ahead and pass me on to Global Licensing Partners to help me sell my idea. Please help me know if they are just a scam. I can't afford to throw money away!

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  • Ka
    katerina38 Mar 23, 2010

    If you got a slightly more technical invention, forget these guys. They seem to be only able to handle simple gadgets used for infomercials to be perfectly blunt. Just look at the success stories and you be the judge.

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  • Ka
    katerina38 Mar 23, 2010

    Also they lie about the review time "Big Time"

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  • Fo
    foota Apr 10, 2010

    Whats the actual review time for Patent Assistance Worldwide. Seriously, has anyone used both Patent Assistance Worldwide and Lambert & Lambert to comment on which is more legitimate? I would really like to know so I dont wast time or money.

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  • Ne
    new inventor1 Apr 11, 2010

    best thing now a days is if you have invented something small and not so complicated you can find yourself someone to draw it for you in 3D cad then use 3d printer to produce your prototype then submit your patent documents and take it to china and produce in large quantity, hope this helps could save people a small fortune, please let me know if you find this useful, thanks

    New inventor

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  • Fo
    foota Apr 13, 2010

    Is it true that Patent Assistance Worldwide does not charge an consultant fee for reviewing your invention? Because i would not want to send something to them and then get caught I rather do that with Lambert&lambert since they are much more recognised and acredited.
    By the way New inventer i like your idea very much, but sadly to date i dont have the funds to go that route so i still have to look for investors.

    Awaiting your response.

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  • Me
    melvin2 Apr 16, 2010

    inventors deserve every help and perspective we can get, lets keep
    the dialogue going. Thanks Lambert & lambert for your response.

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  • Je
    JEJGreene Apr 20, 2010

    I totally agree L&L is a bad company. Save your money!!!

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  • In
    inspections78 May 04, 2010

    I recently sent my idea to Lambert & Lambert and it has been 3 weeks. The check was cashed and I haven't heard anything yet, I understand it takes time to review. Hopefully this is a good thing and it will turn out for the best.

    I did my homework on Mr. Lambert & Lambert and they are a reputable firm. Hope to hear from L&L soon from Greenacres, Florida / Ron.D.

    Just a thought: If the inventor thinks their idea is worth millions I would think a professional opinion to advise if your idea has merit for [ $200 ] is a minuet investment and possible product assist...[That's huge!]

    That's just me...If we can't do the search ourselves then one must ask the question...Can I get something for nothing? NO WAY!

    I will inform this group/forum on all outcome ...Great or Not So Great. Good luck everyone!

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  • Ka
    katerina38 May 11, 2010

    Lambert and Lambert took our money and never contacted us, sent review, or anything! When you call (this after about 4 months!) they say well it was sent and they will resend it and yes, it was positive! RIGHT! Still nothing! And after repeatedly calling and leaving messages, even talking with Trevor, NOTHING STILL!!! You guys should practice better legal practices!

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  • Li
    Littlewing1980 May 16, 2010

    We chose to use Lambert & Lambert over another company. We actually had a lender ready to give us the money to move forward but we needed help with the how to. So we chose to go with Lambert&Lambert because they knew the necessary steps . We are currently talking to Patent Assistance Worldwide. Our reviews from Lambert & Lambert were not as good as we had hoped, even though it is a great idea it is a complex one. To be honest, we weren't very happy with Lambert & Lambert. But we got what we paid for. The time frame that was told to us was 3-4 weeks when in fact it took 6. Of course people will be bitter for the invention not being the next big thing. But there is a difference in being disappointed in the result versus the company.

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  • Li
    Littlewing1980 May 19, 2010

    First of all sir everyone is at liberty to say what they please based on their experience with this company. I told the facts about my experience. I also said that we got what we paid for and that there is a difference between being disappointed in the result than the company. I am in no way disgruntled at the results. I am still focusing on what I think to be a good idea. It seems that you are the one that is disgruntled. Let down is part of life, I am sure most of these people on this site realize that. It's overwhelming with all the companies that are out there pitching their services. People here are just looking for a way to bring their dream to life. I was let down by the result. But in the same breath we received several great markings. It is complex yet simple idea. One in which we have a patent pending on. Soon we will go for a full patent. So as I said, I am disappointed in the result. And that is allowed.

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  • Tl
    tlb418 May 19, 2010

    Seems to me, there is only one person on here complaining about Lambert & Lambert. In reading this person's complaint I thought he or she was the most uneducated writer I've ever seen. Or it was written by a five year old. Really! how good could their idea have been if they can't even spell some of the easiest words in the world. And even if you are a bad speller, there is such a thing as spell check.

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  • 1h
    1 Hope Feb 13, 2017

    @tlb418 Fact... Artist, Inventors, and creative minds are those who are most likely to have the worst spelling or gramma.
    That said, thank God for these creative minds, who over history have brought us creations far beyond any words could express. Just saying!

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  • Ha
    HarryHH May 21, 2010

    Hello all

    I have just finished having my item reviewed by L&L. I would state that they are not scammers but they severely lack in abilities and dare i say it they seemed to lack quite plainly on intelligence.

    They use a scoring system to evaluate the ideas and hide their poor intellects behind a scoring system, My product failed on 'Competition' but was continually compared to items that it would not have competed with, so therefore it failed on a falsehood which was infuriating to say the least..

    When I pointed this out the person I dealt with simply did not have the intellect to comprehend my point and kept on responding without having understood this simply query, on my fourth attempt to explain, I pointed out by comparing my item to the other incomparable items it was like comparing 'the Boston Red Sox' to the 'Chicago Bears' he responded saying it was 'OK to compare baseball teams' he didn't even have the brain to get my comparison namely you can't compare baseball teams and football teams, so even my metaphor was wasted on him, I'm sure you readers get my point this guy could not get it.
    It became clear that behind the website and carefully planned marketing you are not dealing with the brightest sparks in the camp fire.

    Finally I took their scoring document and ran through it again as the inventor of the Rubix cube just to see what would have happened, it failed, it failed on 'Competition' and three other factors.

    My invention was in the health & Fitness market and is a piece of fitness equipment, they told me that you can build certain muscle groups and burn calories without exercise equipment at all, I tell you I almost fell of my chair, so basically if the inventor of the bench press had gone to L&L they would have said 'So what's wrong with press ups, they're free!'

    As I said they ARE NOT scammers but they simply do not have the intelligence to evaluate properly your inventions, you may as well send your ideas to Cleatus from the Simpsons.

    It makes me wonder how many good inventions die at the L&L door.

    L&L if you read this please read it properly, there was no way I could write in crayon on this site.

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  • Ha
    HarryHH May 21, 2010

    Hello This is HarryHH again, I just want to lastly point out that I was quite prepared to lose my$199 and don’t even care about it, so no lame 'sour grapes' comments please, I just care that it failed largely because of a falsehood, and more importantly the frustratingly dumb replies I received on my inquiry to this point.

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  • Ph
    Phil T. UK May 23, 2010

    I think $199 for evaluating a novel idea is an absolute bargain. Couple this with their obvious expertise in the product licensing field and their A+ rating and you have, in my opinion, a fantastic opportunity to bring a great idea to worldwide markets. Note the word: GREAT. I am about to submit my idea to Lambert & Lambert and I am very confident that it will succeed. I look forward to working with them. Phil UK.

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  • Id
    ideaman Jun 10, 2010

    Barbara, I would like to know if you have had any other companies or individuals look at your idea? If so did they give you a positive evaluation or not. If you haven't then maybe you should try this and see what happens before you slam Lambert & Lambert. Maybe then you will find out if $199.00 was worth losing rather than thousands to try and produce and patent this idea.

    I am thinking of a place to take an idea and i would like to be confident that my money will be well spent.

    Trevor Lambert if you read this, how do you respond to HarryHH?


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  • Co
    commercialmac Jun 22, 2010

    Wow, this blog was so useful! I was considering Lambert and Lambert so after reading this blog it was easy to decide. I am going with them. 2oo bucks is worth investing to have your idea reviewed by professionals with a full patent search. Scam or not, these folks are licensed, accredited, and have an A+ rating with BBB so if anyone deserves a shot, they do. If you believe in your product, then surely 200 bucks is worth forking over to get the ball rolling.

    The response from the CEO didn't hurt either. Its good to know they roam the blogosphere searching for complaints no matter how trivial they seem.

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  • Ka
    katerina38 Jul 07, 2010

    . What about Lambert and Lambert which links to your site?

    * I have pro and con about Trevor's services. The bottom line, if you have to pay to play stay clear.

    Inventor Emails (exact quotes):

    10/26/05 inventor Steve wrote: "I used them for a review and only received a nonprofessional looking cut, copy, paste document. The worst thing, it wasn't even my invention. I filed a complaint to the USPTO and finally rescinded it after they refunded my money. I later posted what happened on InventorsHQ, but the owner of Lambert & Lambert saw it and phoned me at home with a call I considered threatening."

    11/04/03 Inventor TK wrote:"I personally think Lambert is shady. They promise the world on their website for $150, which turns out to be 10 pages of crappy opinion. I'd stay clear of these guys. They shame the Better Business Bureau, by having the seal on their website."

    I really can't say one way or the other about so you'll have to do your own homework and let me know by posting your opinion here. Frankly, I'd be looking at what he has allegedly "recently" licensed to see if any are in your invention's field. Software is a speciality.

    Testimonials with no way on the site to verify there were written by actual inventors, requires you ask for contact info for the inventors listed on his site. It's odd he's not posting a list of licensed products merely testimonials. He's got lots of eval testimonials there. On the other hand, many agents make their living doing $150 evals. Hence why he has to provide evidence and frankly is required to under the American Inventors Protection Act (see link below listing Qs "you" are required to ask him and he is required to answer). Anytime a company or agent tells one the AIPA doesn't apply to them yet they are marketing and licensing, time to run.
    Run cursor down to Section 4102, "Integrity of Invention Promotion Services" to see Qs you should be asking him. Minimally he should be providing those answers on his Contract BEFORE one signs it. Soooooooooo, it you get that far shoot me a copy of his contract.

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  • Be
    BeckeyT Jul 11, 2010

    Perhaps in "Barbara's" case Lambert and Lambert should have simply refunded her the initial $199. After all, Trevor Lambert himself said "they're not getting rich off" the initial fee. And quite honestly if Barbara feels her idea is that great she should try submitting it to another company, but what happens if the second agrees with Lambert & Lambert. Then Trevor Lambert was telling the truth and Barbara is just someone with injured feelings because her idea was well received. Anyone who's ever submitted something to a company has to know that their idea could be rejected. That's just a fact of life.

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  • Sh
    shooter X Jul 16, 2010

    Noob Pioneer here,
    LONG STORY SHORT...Just recently Googled/web/patent searched for an idea I had 3-4 yrs ago thinking someone has had to of patented this unmissable idea by now!...apparently with some surprize, it has'nt. After rethinking this simple non-obvious brain-fart of an idea, I end up reading the entire USPTO site twice only to fill out a provisional application for promotional advertising purposes . I then googled "patent investors" & came across LambertPatent's site, read it twice with a smile on my face thinking, I like the way these guys do business. Just after reading this alone ..."The only time that we get paid is when you receive royalties from a licensing agreement. From that point our share of licensing revenue is 25-30% and so the inventor's share is 70-75%.".. told me this is a Blunt, up-front, strait to the point opportunity knocks investment, (With a GOOD IDEA that is.) but still felt the need to search for scam/complaints on this well advertised backer, ending up here only to read from cheap/benighted, empty-headed, ignoramus, ignorant, illiterate, inerudite, know-nothing, lowbrow, uncultivated, uncultured, uninstructed, unlearned, unlettered, unread, unrefined, unschooled, untaught, untutored, exaggerated, epic failure's.
    I mean, all this [censor] crying for what, a measly $200 evaluation fee you lost on a (most likely) bad idea to begin with? OMG ppl... An obvious method or process lacks an inventive step, & here you are taking two steps back hoping for a selfish return for refund...?..ahahaaaa..Try investing $5-6, 000 with one of these self-proclaimed hot-shot patent attorney's only to take home a product license lacking an actual patent/patent-pending status.
    Anyway's, saddest part about this complaint thread is seen how most of you were handed a reality check by Lambert&Lambert, & instead of taking it into account, you twist/mislead other's into believing otherwise...Period.

    Ps: After reading Mr. Lambert's remark, the decision came quite clear.(commonsense if you will) Thanks Barb.

    Your's truly, J.D.H ...Future Lambert & Lambert patentee.


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  • Ka
    katerina38 Jul 19, 2010


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  • Jp
    Jpaul6281 Jul 26, 2010


    I submitted my invention to L&L in January, it is now August and I have yet to receive any evaluations or any other type of paperwork to date! I am always told they sent it but would resend it. How many times do you think it would take for them to get it right? After many apologies for months now, I Still actually wait for what they promised in the mail! Due to their continuing errors and lack of response I was allowed to submit another idea free of charge. Now don't you think it's ridiculous for anyone to be treated as such?? Especially for a company that supposedly has good reviews. Well that's all about to change. I believe I have been lied to tremendously and am not going to put up with it anymore! Many conversations and False promises. Don't believe all those testimonials either. Other companies can at least back up theirs with Real people. Now Trevor should know from experience how it feels to have one's livelihood messed with or taken for the biggest BS ride of their life! Shame on you! I don't know how you even sleep nights! I am getting better response elsewhere and frankly don't think L&L deserve up to 30% of my royalties since they are anything but professional. I don't care if Trevor goes to trade shows etc...maybe go back to school if you can't deal with anything more technical than a simple gadget. If you can't handle it then ADMIT it! That's a word from the wise. Don't make people believe you're something you're not. BTW, the supposed evaluation of at least the first invention was positive and passed. The second one has been in their hands now for about 2 months. Frankly, I don't trust it in their hands and will now be demanding not only a refund but will be seeking other avenues with these guys. I think 8 months of emotional distress is bad enough but now they can't even do alone what they had promised on their website. For instance you now would pay an additional $200 for special designs on a program called Enhance, something of which they said they do! Hmmmmm, I smell a rat here. Or how about a website through them which is another small fee. Now I realize that might still be reasonable but when it goes from doing it all to now recruiting other companies to help, it only means to me you were never really qualified to begin with. The BBB will get a detailed report from me also. This will also be posted wherever possible including fv to help others. Follow up information will also be posted. In closing, although I don't think I've said enough, I have been very, very patient with these guys and always treated them respectfully until just recently. The breaking point was after 11 days following our last conversation, I still have not received what they yet AGAIN said they sent! This was to be the review I Never received and paperwork to be signed! Now I think I've been patient enough, don't you???? 8 MONTHS OF LIES AND BS! I guess I have learned to be careful who you trust - that is what I did wrong. Inventors - DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!

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  • Au
    aussieinventor Jul 27, 2010

    I dont want to sit on my invention for too much longer, but like many, am unsure of who to trust with it. I just would like to hear from some inventors that have suceeded with L&L and to find out how the process went? Has enyone made the grade?

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  • La
    Lambertinvent Jul 27, 2010

    Hello everyone, Trevor Lambert here again...

    I'm glad that people have taken the liberty of voicing their opinions and I'm hoping the conversation will remain civil. It is not my goal to make any disparaging comments toward any inventor who might speak negatively about us, however I would like to make one important clarification.

    Various participants in this blog have mentioned that they have paid for an evaluation, yet didn't receive our report. That is blatantly untrue - everyone who formally submits their invention to our evaluation process will receive a written report on license feasibility. However, if for some reason you didn't receive our report and you are reading this, would you please contact our office?

    Thank you, Trevor

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  • Jp
    Jpaul6281 Jul 27, 2010

    Mr. Lambert,
    Since you found this posting maybe you should be so kind as to address all the other complaints on /link removed/ I will look forward to seeing your responses as the other readers here should also check it out. To answer to your last comment, your office will be contacted.

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  • La
    Lambertinvent Jul 27, 2010

    I would like to notify those who read this post that I have contacted "Jpaul6281" directly with the email below. Since I respect that he would like to remain anonymous to those reading, I've deleted anything that would reveal his identity. As the saying goes, "Sunlight is the best disinfectant"...and in that spirit (and since he has chosen to make this very public), my hope is to provide complete transparency regarding this complaint and let the reader decide for themselves.

    Dear [Inventors Name],

    As you know, I've replied to your complaint posted at: [website address]

    After extensive research into all of our submissions since January, all that we have record of is that you were sent the signed Nondisclosure Agreements and Submission Forms on January 21, 2010. Thus far we have no record of a formal submission in which a payment was made on your behalf for an evaluation.

    I've taken the liberty of researching you and I came across your published patent application (20xx/0xxxxxxx) for a [description of invention], yet nothing correlates with a formal submission to Lambert & Lambert. Further, in speaking with my staff that handles phone calls and emails, they have no record of any communication from you prior to your complaint postings throughout the Internet.

    In all my business dealings I try to give the benefit of the doubt to the inventor and seek to rectify amicably anything that may be construed as a mistake on our part, however at this point I'm struggling to see any fault on our behalf. To put this matter to rest I am going to need a response from you to prove that your invention was submitted with payment to our firm or your acknowledgment that this was a mistake on your behalf.

    Should I not receive this information from you by the end of this week I will need to consider other options.


    Trevor Lambert
    Lambert & Lambert, Inc.

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