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Lambert & Lambert Complaints & Reviews

Lambert & Lambert / invention evolution

May 09, 2019

I paid my $199 and submitted my idea, it's been over 6 weeks I have nothing back and they wont reply to my emails. I sent an email on week 5 saying what's going on and I got an email back saying keep an eye out for the report and it may take 3-5 weeks as written in the joining email. It'...

Lambert & Lambert / invention score and follow up

Jan 31, 2018

I had an invention that could be divided in 3 different sets for different pricing and quality options I received my score from them of 86 but the patent search they provided me was irrelevant to my invention I got from them no physical representation of the invention, like I always got...

Lambert & Lambert / incompetent appraisal, inappropriate business practice 31/07/2017 to 07/09/2017

Sep 06, 2017

***This company is not only very difficult to communicate with but will also not acknowledge their own mistakes and failures. They will ignore simple and actionable requests, not provide information to reasonable questions and feel it is their right to both deduct and refund money to your...

Lambert & Lambert / poor quality

Jun 04, 2017

Hi I don't usually complain about this kind of stuff but the last four or five 20 packet of Lambert and butler silver have been of very poor quality, there seems to be lot of tobacco fallen out of the cigarettes and into the bottom of the box which you can see in the picture which i...

Lambert & Lambert / Original lambert and butler

Jan 22, 2017

I have been smoking lambert cigarettes for many years. They have recently changed over to death/cancer boxes. I am disgusted that they have reduced the cigarette size and increased the tip without informing the customer. Is this allowed.. Yes I know we should all be stopping smoking but I feel...

Lambert & Lambert / 3 good ideas

Apr 01, 2016

HI;i here just one or two complains which are not even complaints about LAMBERT and LAMBERT but my dear people you have to pay the 199.00 dollars;they are the best i don;t want anyone to call them SCAMMERS ;if you have an idea submit it to LAMBERT and LAMBERT;they are good and honest...

Lambert & Lambert, Inc. / the owner doesn't understand me and continued to offer their products

Nov 27, 2015

I contacted the company Lambert & Lambert Inc. and asked about free samples of their products. I got their samples, but the products weren’t great and I emailed the owner and said that I didn’t want to get their samples anymore. However, the owner continued to email me and offered other...

Lambert&lambert / taking money under false pretences

Oct 06, 2011

I submitted an invention to the above they took my pension money off me for $199, for this i did not hear a thing for over two weeks . then they sent me pages of leagle jargon then a half hearted report about my invention .they made it look as if it was a real report 80/out 105 points they...

Lambert And Lambert Inventions / Terrible Costumer Service

Jul 05, 2011

I sent an invention idea, $199, and my confidence to Lambert Inventions on June 2, 2011. What I have gotten back so far is no information and a mean, aggressive secretarial lady on the other side of the phone line. I have simply called to check on the status of my idea, since it has been 4...

Lambert & Lambert / Evaluation Results


If you want a couple of pages of Google patent then go ahead pay $199 and Lambert and Lambert will take two weeks to send it to you. Also, they will include pages of advertisements to seal the deal. Furthermore, they will surf the internet to find similar products. The will make sure you...

Lambert & Lambert Inventions / Refund


Lambert & Lambert mislead me in submitting my invention. I mail them $199 for my inventions and they said it was for an evaluation process. They send my report back and said that my invention did not pass the score had to be 96 and I got a 84. They also send me additional information to...