Lakme Indiarude receptionist

P Sep 02, 2018

I dont know whether putting here complaint is going to get addressed but certainly need to address this as I was badly humiliated and moreover rudely spoken by the receptionist. I had taken an appointment at 10am sharp and i reached around 10:06. I saw one boy (cleaner) was cleaning the desk and one girl sitting on hair cutting chair facing the mirror and doing something in her phone. The cleaner informed her that there is a customer standing and waiting for her. I was standing there for 2 minutes and later again that cleaner reminded her about my presence. God knows what she was doing in her phone during her office hours and moreover she was not bothered and not present on her desk chair where she should have been seated. The lady from whom i get the services done was on her way. so meanwhile i started discussing on the rates and was getting the bifurcation of the services from the
receptionist. She was very rude and her tone was something like that i disturbed her in the morning. I asked her on the freecharge coupon where i had a discount of 200 off on availing service worth more than Rs. 1000. Since this coupon was not valid on
wax service, i had no option to leave that. Later i asked her for discount as usually they do give me discount whenever i visit and moreover if the bill exceeds 2000/-. She informed me that since it is Sunday she cannot offer me discount and hence she said to come on Monday. as it is there were no customers in the salon and so much lean time that she could have easily taken me. I told her that rather saying no to a customer on Sunday morning, lets get the service done today and do recheck with the franchise owner. She raised her voice and started sharing the email id where i can complaint. She ignored the fact and was behaving as if she doesn't care if i leave at that very moment.The lady (employee) came and i started discussing with her and told her to check if she can. This receptionist started intervening between us and disturbing our talks in a rude way.I left for that moment and surely visit on Monday. But this Girl was super rude and moreover she doesn't know how to speak to a
customer at all. I thought its better to get the service done on Monday or either from other outlet or the same outlet.
P.S. I had to get the services done worth Rs. 3600/-, so thought 15% will definitely help. I am so loyal to this place and using their services since 2yrs+. Also i had never seen this lady in the Salon, surely she is a new joinee but the Franchise owner
should give some training on customer service to his staff.

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