La Quinta Inns & Suites / my unpleasant stay

300 S SALISBURY BLVD SALISBURY,MD 21801, United States

I booked a room for Saturday 02/23/19 at the Salisbury, Md hotel.
I booked it through for $78.
When I arrived, I was asked if it was necessary for me to have 2 beds, I said not really because it was just me. The young lady NEVER asked me if I wanted to upgrade, she just automatically did it to a King size bed. I was NOT aware that I was going to be charged $90 instead of the $78 that I booked it as. I had no idea that I was being charged more money.
I suffer from chronic pain and it was pouring down rain and I didn't want to drive the 2 hours home so that was why I booked the room. I was visiting my daughter and grandson who live in Salisbury and my son who goes to college there also.
I'm not sure what the event there at the hotel was, but I was kept awake until after 3am by the other guests who were LOUD and partying and were up & down the hallways. I'm not usually one who complains but I was exhausted and was awakened by these people and was VERY upset but I didn't call downstairs because there was nothing that would keep them quieted down.
I went downstairs at 8:30am to checkout. I was upset and drained because I didn't get any rest but I had to drive the 2 hours home.
I told the clerk about what happened and was told that I should have called down, but what good would that have done??
She then said she would take $15 off my bill for whatever reason that was for.. I did appreciate.
When I left and got up the road, I stopped at a store to get gas and check my checking account and it said I was charged $75 for the room. Now I booked the room for $78.. WHY was I charged $90???
When I checked the receipt I was given.. it was not my address on the bill. It was my name but not my address, it was 800 Connecticut Ave Norwalk, X 06854.
My home address is 129 Primrose Rd Chestertown, MD 21620.
So it wasn't even my reservation that I was checked in under.

My name is Mary K WIlliams. I stayed in room 435 on Saturday 02/23/19.
I'm extremely disappointed in my stay.
Can you please help me to understand why this happened??

My email address is [protected]

Feb 25, 2019

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