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Kizoa reviews & complaints

Kizoa complaints 59

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Kizoa - Kizoa paid lifetime membership expired after 3 months

Approximately 4 months ago I paid for the "Starter Lifetime Subscription" for 29.99. When I logged on last month i was notified that my subscription expired, and I would have to update my subscription to obtain access to my work. I immediately emailed Kizoa supplying them with proof of purchase and a bank statement with the purchase and date of purchase. It has been a month and no one has responded. I have since emailed a 2nd time. The phone number is not in service and there is no way to contact anyone. My account is under [protected]
This Company is a scam, and I will make it my business to share this experience on social media.
I am requesting access to my account as well as full refund.

Desired outcome: Access and a full refund


Kizoa - Kizoa - a Company to Avoid

Howard Linden
March 2021

Several years ago I naively purchased a Premium membership with Kizoa, believing that this
would be an excellent platform for producing my video/slide shows. While I wasn't looking for sophistication,
I did seek a program capable of performing basic editing. What they promised in their introductory preview
was in fact misleading:
• editing capabilities are poorly developed;
• almost every time I attempt to use the program for creating a new video or editing
an existing one, I encounter technical new glitches;
• each time I make a single edit on the music timeline, the program freezes forcing me to re login;
• saved transitions and music mysteriously disappear;
• texts appear off-centered;
• numerical ordering of my 100 plus saved videos become completely garbled making retrieval a nightmare;
• downloading is an endless process.
Last year, for four months, the company didn't answer its phones nor respond to my emails. When I was finally able to
communicate with them, I was given the following response:
• "we're in the process of upgrading; bear with us for a few more weeks.
Months have passed without any visible improvement:
• the number of editing capabilities have continued to disappear;
• Kizoa's customer service in Paris, London and the US are no longer reachable;
• should I want to go back to a previous window, I am forced to re login;
• I can no longer retrieve many of my completed videos. Many video/slide shows
appear to have been erased or gravely altered;
• a new message appears on the homepage. "WARNING, due to an exceptional fire
at one of the data centers of our supplier, OVH ICloud, some of your photos, music
and gifs cannot be displayed in your account. We sincerely apologize for the
inconvenience and will do our very best to get your data back online as soon as
This is not a guarantee, and the possible loss of year's of personal memories is more
than just an inconvenience.
Kizoa falls short of being a professional program and I give it the lowest marks in all areas.


Kizoa - Unable to log into my premium account

When I try to log into my kioza account that I just purchased a premium package from, it keeps telling me that I have the wrong password even after they sent me verification of what I originally thought it was to begin with. I have tried repeatedly and I get the same result with a message telling me "wrong password"! There is no way to contact this company, very very frustrating to say the least!

Jul 11, 2020

Kizoa - Membership

I need to access my videos and images but can not get them to load on the site. I have around 20 movies and can only see one. The rest are just blocks with a few scattered images. I have sent them and email, had no response. I subscribed to the "creator" version thinking that would help but it did not. I need to have access to these videos and images...Help

Jul 03, 2020

Kizoa - My membership

I payed for life time membership, and it says basic. On my account it has male and diffrent birth date. I am a woman and thats not my birthday. I have my email as [protected] On my acount. But my new email is [protected] so you can message me back. Please fix this problem.. Thank you.


Kizoa - Professional version of their video editor

I purchased this in November, buying a pro account. Kizoa is a video editing program that you can use online. Within a day or two after purchasing it, the ability to edit video clips just stopped...

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Apr 08, 2020

Kizoa - Premium lifetime membership

I bought this software several weeks ago and immediately didn't like it as it wasn't working the way I needed it to. I have been asking for a refund since day 1. I have had no response whatsoever. I have sent them emails, tried to call(no answer) etc.
I am filing a complaint because I am wanting my money back (29.99) and I have gotten zero response.

Below is the information I received in an email confirming my membership, as well as my contact information.

Melody Pfeffer

You've successfully upgraded to a Premium lifetime membership!
Below you will find your payment details:

Kizoa lifetime membership: Premium VIDEO
Start date:25/03/2020

Total excl. tax:29.99 USD
tax: 0.0% 0.00 USD
Total incl. tax: 29.99 USD

Purchase date:25/03/2020

Payment method: Credit card

Reference: 1567543

Kizoa - Unable to edit video

Not only am I unable to edit video the numbers for customer service no longer work and I am getting no response from twitter, facebook or email. It's as if the site is just gone for all intents and purposes. I will be slowly removing my videos from kizoa and using another service from here on out.
While this was one of the easiest online editing tools out there this complete shutdown with no explanation is problematic at best and has left a lot of work unable to be done.

Kizoa - Slideshow maker

After many years of using this site to make my slideshows, I am no longer able to view my photos or movies stored there. I know the photos and movies are there but I cannot view them. All I see are small (broken?) icons where the photos/movies are located. I have tried calling for support but my calls are never returned. A few months ago, there were other technical issues with Kizoa.

Jul 11, 2020

I am having the same issue

Kizoa - Starter account

Hello, I purchased my Kizoa Starter Account end of 2018. When I made my first holiday video with it, it worked fine. End of last year when I wanted to make my second holiday video over the...

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Kizoa - Kizoa website not opening, inspite my topmost membership

kIZOA website is not opening. Their telephone numbers mean an International call and I do not desire to make an International call. My email id is [protected] Kizoa address and phone...

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Kizoa - courriels [protected]

Voici tous ce que j'ai fait en utilisant votre site Kizoa.
Je ne suis plus capable de me connecter à mon compte.

Voulez-vous s'il-vous-plaît régler le problème.

J'ai encore besoin d'utiliser votre site. Pour faire des films, des collages etc.

La dernière fois que j'ai fait une carte d'anniversaire à été en septembre
dernier. Je n'ai pas eu de problème à entrer dans mon compte.

Présentement c'est impossible que ce passe t-il.

J'attends une réponse de vous en français s-v-p.

Ludgère Lavoie Raymond

Dec 23, 2019

Je ne suis plus capable d'ouvrir mon compte de kizoa. Je l'ai utilisé en septembre dernier pour faire un collage d'une carte d'anniversaire à une amie. Que ce passe t-il. Cela fait plusieurs années que je suis abonné avec vous. J'ai fait des montages de films musical, des collages et plus. J'ai même payé pour le premium à vie il y plusieurs années. Comment puis-je me reconnecter à mon compte. Je ne voudrais pas tous perdre mes créations.
J'attends de vos nouvelles. (photos Ludgère)


Kizoa - 1. Unable to upload file, 2. Cannot locate it's email directly to address the problem

My sign in number to Kizoa is [protected] I am already a life time 'business' membership status. recently I just found I could not upload the photos into the album of Kizoa. Because I am in a rush to run few movie clips, I tried to locate it's email address to report and throughout it's system, I couldn't find it. I remembered in the past, they have an icon showing if customers having problem can directly email them. Today this icon disappeared and I try calling the only number [protected] provided in the system, and it is not responsive and wrong number (maybe I don't know how to dial).
I have an immediate glimpse of mind whether the company is going to cheat after I paid for enrolling the permanent membership.
I do hope the company can supply a direct email address and an effective telephone number with country code, showing these information in the system again.
Do hope they can see my complaint and resolve the problems I encounter at very soonest possible.

Update by Joseph CM Lee
Dec 14, 2019

I tried few times to upload the files in the last hour but always failed. It is the first time I encounter this problem, please help. My membership is life long and business status

Dec 01, 2019

Kizoa - Premium video

I have used Kizoa for several months in my role as a teacher, and have taught kids how to use it with great success. For all the functionality of the program, which was easy to use, it's got two...

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Nov 29, 2019

Kizoa - Kizoa movie maker

I have prepared many videos using kizoa movie maker.
Kizoa movie maker site is unable to open.
I could not view my videos.
Also I couldn't prepare any more video.
I have premium lifetime membership of kizoa.
Still I am suffering from this problem.
I couldn't login in my kizoa account.
Even I have tried emailed my problem to but delivery was failed.
Where to get solution of this problem.

Nov 26, 2019

Kizoa - Video maker

I have been a customer of "Video Maker" for approximately 10 years and have loved using the site. I am currently working on a video I had hoped to complete before Christmas. The video maker site has been down for over two weeks now -- unable to log in as a member or open the website -- comment says "server not found". Have read others customer comments that they have been told problems with the site are being worked on and site expected to be running soon. Can this be confirmed? Thank you for your response.

Nov 25, 2019

Kizoa - Kizoa website

It's been almost a week now. Once when I checked they posted that they were having trouble with their web site and were trying to restart it as soon as possible.
In spite of all the nasty comments above I have had no trouble with for over 2 years making videos, collages, etc. so it is a fact of Internet life--here today, gone tomorrow. I hope it is just a glitch but if not I'm looking for another site. Any suggestions?
Are they out of business?

Nov 24, 2019

Kizoa - Service

I keep trying to log onto Kizoa but, I am unable to retrieve kizoa via internet. I have been a paid in full member with subscription. I have unfinished and needed videos already on file. How do I obtain access? I have been unable to log on thru home computer nor Android Cell phone with metro internet service. I am in dire need of access to my already recorded clips. Is this site a scam and if so, what are the actual complaint procedures as well as the process in my receiving my submitted and documented paid fees?


Kizoa - Cannot log on to

Have not been able to access whenenever I try I get this message: "'s server DNS address could not be found. This has been going on for 3 days Nov 20 -Nov 23 2019 so far.

Cannot get anyone at support number to answer call. Email Messages to support team are undeliverable.

I think the product is great but the support has deteoriated.

I have paid for a lifetime membership, and expect better service.

Kizoa - Video slideshow

I have been a premium members for several years. For the last 3 days, I have not been able to view my videos or get into my account. I wonder if the company has ceased to exist? I never downloaded any of my 20+ slideshows so all my work and effort have been for naught. There seems not to be a way to contact Kizoa which should have been a red flag. I think I, and many of its customers have been duped royally.

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