King Sooperspharmacy

Mo Nov 08, 2019

The pharmacist (Daniel) is lazy and a liar, claiming to have not received authorization from my doctor for a prescription refill (he had, my doctor's office confirmed), claiming that he would call the doctor to obtain the authorization he claimed he did not have (he did not call, again confirmed by the doctor's office), and taking four days to fill a prescription for 20 pills of a very common medicine (and one I actually rely upon for my health) only after I showed up there in person and wouldn't let him squirm out of actually doing his job. Daniel: you are incompetent. He would not give me the name of the manager, and did not care that I had a complaint, dismissing me with this air of condescension. Never going back to that pharmacy or to that store, and will avoid the entire franchise if it is convenient to do so.

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