KFC/Taco Bell / service & missing items from drive thru

1 #8 SE Lee Blvd, Lawton, OK. 73501, United States

First, I should never have gone there because they DO have a bad reputation for Rude Service, incorrect orders & extremely long waits. But I took my chances, that I now REGRET. Also when I submitted my poor review, I couldn't believe how many people had also complained about the same problems I had. I guess this owner doesn't care what people think or say about them.
I live North of Sterling OK in the country, about 35-40 miles (one way) from the KFC on #8 SE Lee Blvd in Lawton OK. Last Sunday, Mar. 3rd, 2019, I drove specifically to this KFC because it is a KFC & Taco Bell together. I ordered 16 pc KFC meal & 2 bean burritos with extra cheese. When I got back home, another 35-40 miles, my Taco Bell was missing. I called & spoke to Lizzy, mngr, she said next time I come to town to come by and she will replace it. If she's not there any other manager can take care of me. So today, Thursday Mar. 7 @ 6:40 pm I drove to Lawton for my replacement & also planned on buying more chicken for my daughter's school sports trip to Texas the next day. Lizzy wasn't working so I requested a manager & told him the situation. He first claimed that he didn't know who Lizzy was. I confirmed she had answered the phone & identified herself as a manager when I called. Then he admitted she did work as a manager there. But REFUSED to replace my 2 BEAN BURRITOS. He told me I would just have to come back another day. I explained how far I lived and he could just call Lizzy to confirm if he needed. He refused to do that. He told me I could either buy my KFC but he wasn't going to take care of my MISSING ORDER (that I had already paid for & never received). I asked for his name & he refused to give it to me. I told him I was going to call & complain about his customer service. He said he didn't care, and again said I could either buy something, come back another day or leave it. I'm smart enough to know better than to eat food from anyone who behaves like he did. Needless to say, they can keep MY BURRITOS & I will never go back there again. I also plan to post this on Facebook, Yelp & all other Social Media's, plus send this to KFC Corporate Complaints Office.
The person who CLAIMED to be the manager was a male working on Mar. 7th, Thursday at 6:40 pm. at the KFC/Taco Bell on #8 SE Lee Blvd, Lawton OK. (I couldn't get him to give his first name.) The KFC on 47th & Cache Rd in Lawton OK has always been very accurate and extremely helpful and friendly. Even though it's a bit further, I will continue doing business with them in the future. I have never had a problem, missing or incorrect order, or rude employees at this store (47th & Cache Rd). I'm not sure how the one on Lee Blvd stays in business except that there are very few places to eat in that area & it's in the industrial part of town & easy access from the highway. If more stores open in that area, this KFC will probably sink.

Mar 7, 2019

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