Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]original recipe

B Jul 08, 2019

In the 3 KFC restaurants we visit in Athens, Ga. the food is totally disgusting. Each time we go we think if will be the great fried chicken we used to get when we would occasionally go to lunch or pick up a bucket on Sunday. The chicken is always dark and unattractive on the outside and black on the bone on the inside. The chicken tastes very old and reheated. I'm not sure why we go back but we will not be trying it for a long while to come. There is only one person working the front counter and today, there was no diet pepsi, no tea on the front. They has unsweet at the drive through window but no sweetner in the store. KFC use to be the great go to fried chicken, but not any more here in Athens. The one on the east side is really bad, but the Atlanta highway, store, was really bad today. I asked for a bag so my dog could have my lunch.
Barbara Boggs
Athens, Georgia

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