Kendall Mitsubishistealing to costumers

i went to this dealer to buy a car 3 or 4 weeks ago i had 1200 dollars with me, they show me all the cars and they show me one specific car and they say that for my credit it was the one i can get, they ask for 1700 down payment i spoke to the salesman and i explain to him that the only money i had was 1200 for the car and to buy an insurance, the salesman too courteus told me that he was gonna help me getting that car he ask me if i can use 800 down payment and 400 to buy the insurance and the rest of the money i could bring it to them before the end of the month he told me that doing that i was going to take the car, when i ask him for how much it was gonna be the monthly payments he assure me that it was not gonna be more than 300.00 but the buy will be ready when you finish the down payment it was great i take the car to my house and i was really happy, but the nightmare start the next day when they start calling asking for the rest of the money and for a few documents, iwas counting on my brother to get the rest of the money but he got a situation and he was unable to give me that money i went to the dealer and i say look i dont have the rest of the money you told me to wait until the end of the month and has been just one day and you are already asking the money when i say take the car back and i want the money back the salesman told me that the car was already on the streets that he cant accept the car and that if i was going to do that i was going to lose my down payment that he was going to give me until my next paycheck, on the next day they keep calling asking for some documents and for the money i went to the dealer to speak with the manager and he ask if we had the rest of the money i explain to him that the salesman give me time until my next paycheck, but for the bad experience that i was having i didnt want the car i explain to him that i never sign a paper for the financing, he ask me if instead the rest 900 i can get borrowed just 500 with the documents so we can close the deal i say okay let me see what i can do, i ask the money to my mother and i went to the dealer to close the deal i give them the 500.00 and i went to my house with the hope that the next day i was going to sign the papers, for my surprise they call me in three days asking for another 500.00 dollars more, i went to the dealer frustated to give them the car keys and to get my money back but the manager EDDIE KHODR told me in a disgusting way i cant give you your money back because you were using my car and i say i didnt steal the car you gave it to me, the salesman use the phrase im going to help you, and all that was a BIG LIE i never sign for any financing you actually get me the three weeks promising the car while i was using it. please if youcan help me i use 1300.00 for the car and i use 400.00 for the insurance and they took it all, please advice . thanks . Leandro Polin

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