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Kansas Department of Labor

Kansas Department of Labor review: Appeals Staff

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I had a voicemail to return a call to a lady named Tiffany in order to provide more information on my claim (this occurred nearly a year into the claim process without any payments received). I called every day for two weeks and was told she was out of the office and no one else would be able to help me. I left five, yes five, messages with other staff members asking her to return my call. My call was never returned. When I finally reached Tiffany nearly three weeks later, she attempted to scold me for taking so long to return her call. I politely told her how I had called every day for multiple weeks and left a number of messages. She proceeded to go into a rant about having a family member die and said she never received any of my messages. I told her again that I left a message at least five times. She became hostile and told me, "Well, that does not matter because I never got them." I said, "Of course it matters." Tiffany then hung up on me. Sorry for expecting you to do your job, Tiff.

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