Kampgrounds Of America [KOA]management

P Aug 22, 2018

Dear Corporate,

My name is Pamela Talili. Our church group had camped at the Lava Hot Springs Holiday KOA in Idaho. We checked in Aug 9-12. Your staff was great, your management office was beside that. Rude, Disrespectful and very unprofessional. There was complaint by our neighbors about our first night, noise was going on until "2:00 a.m." The gentleman and woman that came to express their frustration over the "complaints" did not introduce themselves, I saw them asking for me as I was the coordinator of the event and was sitting about about a yard away, I immediate approached them, as I was walking towards them, they were already expressing their anger to one of our church leaders. Both man and lady were talking over each other, the man's tone, his demeanor, and demand to turn the music off was very unprofessional. He shared that they had to deal with complaints from one end of the campsite and reimbursement for the other end of the campsite. The gentleman then made a statement, that he will have securities come to our campsite to make sure there were no noise at 10:00 p.m. What he should have said was he already had someone monitoring us immediately as one of his workers was in his golf cart at the entrance of our campsite watching our every move, until we cleared the campsite for our activity that day. He expressed both end of our campsite complained. I was on one side of the campsite and I could not hear any music from where it was playing from. I know for sure that was a lie. But how disappointed it is to be monitored by "securities" while that very night our neighbors were enjoying themselves and got even louder than our music was the night before and partied after 2:00 a.m., but security overlooked it as they drove around our campsite. What that looked like was watching the brown people and being racist. We were the only brown people on that campsite, who got complaints and being monitored. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE TO GO THERE!! I had to force every kid to bed by 8:30 pm. I wished I had known KOA Holiday was for white folks only. The only reason we didn't leave immediately was because we wanted our kids to enjoy there before school started otherwise we would've packed and left. We reserved almost all the cabins and campsite and all this guy was worried about was money. I would understand if he had approached us professionally and change his tone.

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