JustMyLook / Richdomarservice from complaints department

I ordered 2 facial cleansers and was sent the wrong ones. I spoke to the team who sent me a free returns label, so I returned them and put a note requesting a refund, not replacement. They claim to have not got this note and sent a replacement, which was no use so I said I would return it again for a refund. I refused delivery so it was sent back to them, ended up speaking to Michael from the complaints department who was rude, offhand and couldn't even be bothered to spell my name correctly and he said he would be deducting £3.95 from the refund amount for shipping costs FOR AN ITEM THEY GOT WRONG IN THE FIRST PLACE! I am so disgusted at the service received and it's now about the principle of someone thinking they can treat people however they want and make policies up. I won't stop until I get my FULL refund.

Oct 03, 2019

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