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I bought a piano from them (Jim) a couple of months ago. I originally called to check on a couple of used pianos that seemed good but they had NONE of them available because they were all sold, he said. Jim promptly tried to sell me a different piano (new) and the price seemed good so I ordered one. The piano was shipped because I was in a different state. The day after I received it several keys were getting stuck. I called Jim right away and he said it was because it was new and told me to wiggle the keys to see if it makes it better. I did but it didn't help. Since the first tuning was included, we thought that will fix the problem so waited 3 weeks for the tuner to come. The problem persisted after the tuning session but we just got by thinking it will get better as parts wear. After months the problem didn't go away so we hired our regular tuner to tune it. He found out that there was a problem with the hammer action that was preventing the hammers to get back into ready position after repeatedly hitting certain keys. I called Jim and he refused to believe that it was a faulty piano. I told him what my tuner told me and he asked for the tuner's phone number, told me that he would talk to him and call me back. So, I waited until his promised date but didn't get a call back so I called him and he said he will have the piano exchanged. I asked him if a trade-up to a different piano was possible and he said yes. I'd seen a couple of used Yamahas and Kawais on their site so I asked about them and NONE of them are available. He says he will be getting a new shipment from Japan in a couple of weeks and there's one 30 year old Yamaha that's priced a grand more than what I bought. He said it's either that or a direct replacement of the broken piano. I wasn't about to pay a grand more for a used piano so I said just go ahead and send the replacement. Here are my problems with them:

1. They NEVER seem to have the pianos (used) on their website in stock because every time I call, they were gone.
2. They also advertise a lot on Ebay. I saw a Kawai on it that fit my bill and when I called Jim to ask why he said he didn't have any used pianos that fit my requirements, he said it wasn't supposed to be there. Why advertise on Ebay when you don't have the product?
3. Jim never got back to me as he promised. I always had to call him back and he got angry at me for calling him too often. and we had an argument. Yes, I called him several times in 1-2 weeks period to find out what's going on but this piano is being used for teaching kids so I need this problem resolved asap.
4. Jim uses an awful alot of "god damn" in his language.

There is a term for what seems to be happening: bait and switch. I call in to inquire about used pianos that are clearly being advertised on their website and Ebay pages, and Jim tries to sell me a different one.
And, I AM SORRY for asking for some customer service regarding the warranty on a new piano that's a few months old but that's not a reason to mix in "god damn" in your language in every conversation when talking to a customer.

I am waiting for my replacement piano with no ETA (I asked and he said he didn't know when)
Don't let the low prices lure you into this place. You will regret it.

Oh, and after the argument I called back to say sorry for whatever I said to him that pissed him off, and he goes off on me saying he's ready to quit his business after 56 years because of things like this, said he accepts my apology and hung up on me. I was speechless...

Update by iolo72
Nov 19, 2009 10:38 pm

I am very aware of "you get what you pay for" concept and agree with it AS LONG AS the product functions like it's supposed to. What we have is a piano that doesn't function like it should. If you buy a Chinese-made TV from Walmart that turns itself off while you're watching, would you say, oh, since it's Chinese it's to be expected and do nothing about it? Somehow I highly doubt it. You will promptly return the product for a replacement, or if it's past the return date but within the warranty period you will try to get it repaired under warranty. AND, Walmart WILL exchange or accept return on the defective TV; They WILL NOT ask you try hit the TV to see if that fixes the problem.

Just because the product I purchased was a bargain, or made in China, or gigantic in size, or ordered online, that doesn't mean I shouldn't expect a proper customer service especially when you're talking about musical instruments that cost thousands of dollars.

If everyone was to act like how you expect everyone should by not complaining or making objections to questionable business practices and products, quality of services and products will go into the dump because there will be no consequences for providing crappy services and putting out junk products.

Update by iolo72
Nov 04, 2009 2:46 pm

willlllllbur, please stop leaving comments unless you have something useful to contribute. I see that you've done this in a couple of other posts.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 20, 2009 12:00 pm

I completely agree with your last post. I wasn't trying to say that a company or person shouldn't follow through with their products or services... I was trying to state that every company has complaints.

The course of action you should take is to call the business in question, and say exactly that, or mail them a letter. Letters can have an affect on a person. You brought up great points there, and your argument is completely valid. You should explain you paid a good amount of money, even if the product is lower end (not sure if that's the case, but maybe) and that you expect them to follow through with either a replacement or repair.

Did they offer a warranty from the manufacturer or from themselves?

Nov 18, 2009 12:38 pm

Not to stick up for this business, but every company is going to get complaints. Just do a search for Guitar Center... the largest musical instrument retailer in the world (also owns Musician's Friend and other companies). These companies will always get people complaining. People ### way too much these days, and it's frustrating. Look at how much people ### about Walmart, yet still go back there to shop. Ok, so some people may not shop at Walmart, but if you look at their parking lots and go into their stores... they are always full and they have tons of complaints.

You take a bargain when you buy large items over the phone or internet. From what I can gather about pianos is that they are extremely large and do take a bit to ship. You also bought a Chinese instrument, which probably isn't the highest quality ever made... remember, you get what you pay for.

Nov 04, 2009 2:35 pm

who cares?


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