Pa Oct 08, 2019

I'm on an extremely expensive medication for CHF (Entrusto), at least in the list cost charged towards my Medicare RX 'donut hole', three refills and I'm in the 'donut hole'. In the 'donut hole' when reached the cost of all my medications skyrocket. Talking with Medicare the only option was to ask the doctor to provide free samples from the doctor. When asked they said I could purchase generics of the kin some stores provide for cash out prices of $4 for 30 day or $10 for 90 day supply. another option was Good RX with a coupon price. Saving the use of my insurance for the purchase of the expensive drug only I noticed I was being charged buy another party evidently through Good RX. I always emphasize that my other medications not be charged to insurance due to the 'donut hole' issue. Also if I were to have to travel to each physician for samples let alone the requesting, their ordering, and tracking, you could see the inconvenience involved. I asked your pharmacy not to automatically fill and call as I would be shopping and possibly changing medications as needed. I did receive a call from your pharmacy saying they had a medication prepared and it was going to be charged on my insurance I reminded the person about the issue and requested he return the medication to stock, I'm sorry but I'll not be doing business with your pharmacy hereafter unless medicare changes its' 'donut hole' policies or your own policies allow your people can fill my prescriptions on a cash non-insurance basis.

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