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We opened an online FAX account for our one fax number in September of 2011. We were assigned a temporary number by My Fax to use until our Fax number could be ported over from PacBell. The first charge was $10. Then when the number was ported MyFax charged us for both our number and the temp number THEY assigned us. We had used a DEBIT card to open the account and did not discover this until April 2015. By then we had overpayed by $420. My Fax offered to refund only $60. No one disputed the overcharge they just refuse to refund our money. Our view is it was their mistake. We never ordered two lines and the second line had never been used. We didn't even receive the unsolicited vacation offers, loans and insurance junk mails our fax line got . We also never received an itemized bill which would have alerted our bookkeeper to the problem. They said we could of requested a monthly bill but we were never offered the opportunity.


  • Tr
    travelershe Dec 09, 2010

    They call EVERY day and if I pickup, they hang up...WTH!?
    They obviously ignore the do not call registry...VERY ANNOYING!

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  • Jb
    j.bergmann Dec 21, 2010

    yes, they call every day, hang up when I answer, and when I call the number on caller id, get message stating that number is not in service, what is the purpose of that?, these folks must lead pathetic little lives...

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    kevin freels May 01, 2018

    I know. Old thread and all but people should know that nearly every monthly service out there operates under the same policy It is your responsibility to make sure you are being charged and paying properly and not being overcharged. The typical timeframe given is 90 days. If you don't look at your bill and notice it for 120 days, they'll still give you 90 days and no more. 3 years? You get 90 days. and that's actually reasonable.

    What's nor resonable is how I got signed up for an evoice line 2 months ago that I didn't order. I've read numerous accounts of this happening. And then I find out that they own all of these companies (some may no longer be around)

    2 Global, Inc. provides Internet services through its two divisions: Business Cloud Services and Digital Media. Business Cloud Services brands include eFax, Onebox, eVoice, Fusemail, Campaigner, KeepITsafe, VaultLogix, Callstream, Yotta280, Mailout Interactive, GDV, BackUp Solutions, SugarSync, Nuvotera, UnityFax, Firstway Digital, Excel Micro, Web24 Group, MXSweep, City Numbers, LiveDrive, MetroFax, FoneBox, TrustFax, RapidFax, Send2Fax and The Digital Media division delivers various content through its digital properties, including Ziff Davis (Including PC Magazine, ComputerShopper, ExtremeTech, and IGN Entertainment (including AskMen, and,, and NetShelter (including,,, and[16] Also listed on WIkipedia are and HumbleBumble,,,, emedia,, GameSpy, ExtremeTech, GearLog, GoodCleanTech, DLtv, AppScout, CrankyGeeks, Smart Device Central and

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