Invicta Watch Companymodel # model: 12115 (service only) 6 months no watch yet.

M Nov 28, 2017

I initially gave 2 watches to be repaired to the world trade center store in june of 2017.

The results were,

Watch (1) movement adjustment
Watch (2) band replacement
Replacement band for watch 11887
Non swiss watch - battery
Battery for a non-swiss watch - includes battery, gasket, h20 test
Interior cleaning
Clean out all humidity from inside of watch. add oils as needed then reseal to standard

It took until august to receive a response and quote for service. I immediately paid the quote to complete service. I was told it could take an additional 60 days for services.

Now after nearly 6 months, I still don't have my watches and can't seem to get an answer for why it's taking so long.

I've called customer service and it says that this number is not available at this time.

I'm getting a complete run around. i've bought over 7 invicta watches and will never support this company again.

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