InstantCheckMateI never agreed to a continued charge to my account


In Dec. 2010 i agreed to a one month charge of $24.86 to check out some information. I never used the site not even one time, because the information was not accurate. They are continue to charge my account every month from Dec. 2010 to now Feb. 2011. In trying to contact them at1-[protected] only to get a recording to call later, that a are now close. I hope i can stop some else from getting scammed by filing this complaint. I never agreed to a continued charge to my account.


  • Bi
    Bimirante Feb 14, 2012

    I ordered the service for one month. I agreed to the 24.95 or whatever it was and i had almost 200 in my account. Last night when i went to my card at the grocery store it was denied. The service i snot as presented and i want my money back right now. This whole service is not as represented.

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  • Ca
    carlo gesualdo Feb 15, 2012

    They are delivering less negative info on their searches. Try a search that you did with them a year ago or six months ago that got "results", bet you get an inconclusive result now. Or try searching on some people you know have been in trouble.
    This makes them worthless, obviously so fearful of Type 1 error that they don't deliver anything.

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  • He
    herbert r keith Feb 15, 2012

    I am sorry i never made a complant on my account at any must have me mistake with some one else. MY full name Herbert r Keith Raleigh NC. S/N242507255 Retired from USAF/post office EM [email protected]

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  • Ne
    NEmare Feb 22, 2012

    I called to decline and delete any transactions and opt out instead I received these charges. And there office was closed.

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  • Ob
    Obruve Mar 23, 2012

    These guys just charge you for the privilege of seeing whether or not someone has a criminal record. The thing is, they make it look like the person HAS a record even when they don't. This is a complete rip off. Steer clear of these guys! Rip off!

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  • Ro
    Robert Payton Jan 16, 2013

    I have been receving emails from Instant Checkmate and have call them, filled out there unsubscribe form but I keep getting emails from them, can someone please help me to get them to stop sending me emails.

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  • Co
    CORTNEY.STETSON Jun 25, 2013

    I called my personal bank after they wouldn't refund my money. I called three times! First lady tried to tell me it would take 5 to 7 days to send a cancellation EMAIL. Not snail mail. EMAIL. I told her that it only takes less than a minute to send and receive an email. I said "I want to speak to your supervisor NOW." She put me on hold for 5 seconds tops... Then gets back on and says "Oh I'm sorry ma'am I meant it would take up to 24 hours for the email to reach you." I said "That's sketchy. I am starting to seriously think you're a scam." So she said my account has been cancelled and my card isn't in the system any longer." We hung up... So I went to make sure I couldn't log onto the site. Well guess what, I STILL HAD ACCESS. She lied. SOOOO, I called back. Got a different person, by this time I'm heated and I end up getting HUNG UP ON?! Seriously??? I called right back and I demanded right away a full refund and explained what had just happened with the other two "representatives." He tried to tell me there wasn't anything he could do but he said "Only thing I can do is assure you your account has been deactivated." I then said... "So why is it I can still LOG IN EXACTLY?!" So he said some lame excuse its only letting me in but no access. BULL. I just called my bank, had to make my DBT/ Credit card unaccessible. Now I have to wait for 7 days for a new card. UGH! And Bank lady gave me their number I can use to report FRAUD to. She said they will absolutely look into this and most likely refund my money from that INSTANTCHECKMATE website. They'll be investigated for fraud at least from my bank they will! I'm not paying the $40 some dollars they charged my account. Also I got other emails from them right away before I called them... and it showed up in my JUNK MAIL. Hmmm... Sketchy. DO NOT GO ON THIS SITE. It's seriously a scam / fraud. I'm getting my money back. They should be ashamed of themselves. It's located in NV. No offense to anyone that lives there... But that's where I see a lot of scams come from. Had I known this I never ever would have went on the site. They didn't even give accurate or up to date information. NOT HAPPY. NOT RECOMMENDING. AND I'M DEFINITELY NOT LETTING THIS GO. I'M GETTING MY MONEY BACK.

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  • Do
    DontmesswithDeb Jan 30, 2014

    The company is a scam! I only wanted to try it for a month for $22.95 but when I got the 1st email from them it says thanks for signing up for premium services at $59.95. When I told them that it was an error they told me they could give me a 50% refund from $59.95 ...what? I called them back at least 3 times and finally (maybe)got a full refund but, we'll see in 3-5 days if it ends up on my bank statement!! Besides the pitiful and unethical business tactics they use the information you pay for you can find for free in a phone book.
    If you pay an ADDITIONAL $19 you can get premium info - ha nope...just a scam. It didn't even have a record of my marriage.

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