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C Aug 02, 2018

I recently posted a few jobs on your website. I received calls from Cian who was very rude. I also received the following email (dated 28th June 2018) from him which I found very unprofessional and rude and as for sending candidates to competitors, I was speachless Since this he has even tried to call again and I really do not want to deal with him. If I ever use Indeed again I do not expect this person to have access to my account.

I hope that you take this seriously and this employee is disciplined.

You can contact me at: [protected] Claire Biggs


I tried to call today but the receptionist seemed incompetent at putting me through.

You told me on Tuesday that you didn't need anything from Indeed at the moment but you have posted three positions on the account this morning. As I have mentioned many times before these positions are not set up for success and from your previous experience you will not make hires.

I know filling these 3 roles will cost £10k+ with an agency, you have told me that you want to reduce this cost. Do you think following the same recruitment strategy will achieve this? Posting roles blindly and leaving negative feedback on Indeed is not a sustainable plan to change this.

Contact me if this is a priority and you actually want want to achieve your recruitment goals. I'll continue to send our candidates to your competitors in the meantime.

Kind Regards,

Cian Burke
Account Executive, UK & Ireland

P [protected]

E [protected]


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