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My name is Jessica Maycock, I am currently ordered to pay child support In Idaho. My x-husband and I have been divorded since may of 2004 because he chose to be with my best friend of 13 years . So each time I get behind on support they gang up on me they dont let me talk to the kids or have them when i would like them for family events and so on. Well the last few years i have been extremly ill first I had an emergency C-section and then 24hours later they had to rush me into surgery again and I only had 5 mins else I wouldnt have made it I was bleeding to death internally and externally for the full 24hrs I had to have 4 blood transusions and was very sick and in the hospital for a while so there was one time my support became be hind however I did have dopctors notes sent to Id child support to alert them as to why I wasnt paying, ( I was always paying faithfully and carring full medical nad dental insurance on both kids until this took place) Then I had to recieve chemo and was very sick for a long time and this to the doctor notified them as to why because they was threathning to take my license. They racked up my behind support thousands and with docrors letters and me being unable to work due to medical issues not just plain laziness was really upsetting I already strugggle to live day to day and when I work I dont even bring home enough to survive on because I raise a 20 month old boy alone as well . The only reason Why they other 2 live with there day is because I couldnt afford an attorney and he just recieved a workers comp settlement which he lives on from job to job. I was also depressed losing whom I thought was my b-friend for so long and my jr. high lover all at the same time I am a great mother and no amount of money can ever prove how much I love my kids and its rediculious that I am punished becasue I dont have money to pay . But I do have a big heart full of love for them and I cant even show them because if I dont pay then
I dont get to hardly see them or talk to help .. Someone please help me give me some advice and direction please... Thank you Jessica


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
Chubbuck, US
Oct 08, 2013 4:32 pm EDT
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Jessica's story is a lie... She is worthless and has not paid much child support at all... she is over $16, 000.00 behind on her child support... She always has an excuse and gets away with not paying... The system is a complete joke...

Jasper, US
Jun 07, 2009 11:43 pm EDT

You can take them to court through the attorney general office in your state. You can have your support lowered and bring all your medical information to them. Your arrearages may be adjusted on the medical information. The attorney general in only in interest of the kids and are not an attorney for you or the other parent, but they will represent the interest of the kids, including adjusting support payments. I am the mother of two children whose father was in arrearages for many years, they never did anything to him as far as taking his license etc. I don't know if that is only a threat or a real thing that could happen. Good faith payments of any amount is better than nothing. So try to pay as much as you can, if they are taking from your check then you will have to do your best. Take advantage of social service agencies in your area, food stamps, food banks, child care assistance. As far as your two kids go, SAD that the other parent uses them as tools to get money from you. It will backfire on them and I can GUARANTEE you that. Send them letters/card and call them as often as possible and never talk bad about the other parent or involve them in what is going on with you, your health, your feeling about what is going on, they don't want that from you, they only want to know that you care enough to keep in touch. I was told by a Texas judge in the 211th courts of Denton County that visitation superceeds EVERYTHING that the parent/child relationship is more important than anything and that if I interfered with that I would be in contempt of court. So, you may have grounds to get them in court. You may have a legal agency in your area that would represent you at no cost or low. You have to ask, I would go to the DHS office in your town and ask them for the list of social service agencies in your state, they have them they just don't give them out unless you ask.
I am 44 and my children are 21 and 20 so I have been down this road for 15 or more years so I hope my experience will give you some hope. Don't worry; BE HAPPY :) THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE, SO LET'S REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT. Your 20 month old needs you and if you let all this get you down then he will suffer with you. You both deserve better in your life. I am at and will help you in any way I can.