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Complaints & Reviews

I have actually cried in frustration at this company

My husband and I purchased a Nordictrack treadmill at Sears several years ago. We were told at the time that UTS was the only choice for warranty coverage. We purchased the extended warranty and have made the mistake of extending it since then, because we wanted good coverage. It has been the very worst customer service, bar none, for any product we have ever had. It reaches comical proportions. We typically wait 3-4 months for repair work; we often receive the wrong parts from UTS (which have often have been backordered for many weeks), I was once accused of being difficult by a rep for expecting the repairman to show up on the day he was scheduled. Last year, we were promised a free extension of warranty due to such a long wait for service. When I called to inquire why we had never received the paperwork confirming this, I was told everyone at UTS had "received a memo" that these arrangements would no longer be honored, and would be rejected RETROACTIVELY. We were offered a "very nice floor pad" in place of a warranty extension. That's laughable, since we first called about my most recent repair concern on 11/03/2009, and we are not scheduled to see the repairman until 03/02/2010 at the earliest. Our treadmill was left in pieces on the floor by the repairman, so what good does the floor pad do us? There is no guarantee that UTS have sent the correct parts this time, and they don't feel burdened by this issue at all. If they send the wrong parts (like for instance, for a machine I owned many years ago), they have no problem making me wait ANOTHER 6 weeks for ANOTHER part. No consideration for the customer whatsoever.

I have never posted a negative comment online about any company, ever. I have actually cried in frustration at this company, and felt compelled to write this review. I tell everyone who asks me about treadmills to NEVER buy anything which requires UTS coverage, and explain in detail why. They are the WORST company we have ever dealt with, for ANY kind of product.

Stay clear of these guys if you value your investment in time and money

These guys don't hold to the conditions of their own contract with customers. UTC has miserable phone receptionists... rude, apparently ill informed and well...you see the deal. Difficult to reach...if one is successful at all.

Dishonest in my opinion. Stay clear of these guys if you value your investment in time and money.

  • Ve
    Very Much Pissed Off Mar 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    UTS is a rip-off! They act like they are providing a 'free' service to you when in fact you have purchased a service agreement. You already have my money so do the job! I still have a few more machines to purchase for my in-home gym and I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ONE OF UTS's SO CALLED SERVICE AGREEMENTS!

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Huge delay in getting service (have not yet received)

Summary: Huge delay in getting service (have not yet received), rude customer service. They take you money for the warranty but don't want to follow through on providing the service. Rating should not be "Please Improve" because I feel no need to be civil with this company after the treatment I have received.

I got a Nordic Track Treadmill from Sears and bought an Extended Service Warranty, which is serviced by UTS. This has been the most annoying and unhelpful company ever in getting service on a warranty.

I called over a month ago, and had the hassle of not being recognized in their system even though I was looking at the receipt with my warranty information on it. After that was figured out no thanks to them, I scheduled service. They wanted me to give them the details of what was wrong and then diagnose it over the phone without ever having seen it. Then, they would ship out the parts, which were on back order and took half a month to get to my house. AFTER that, I was expected to call the local sub-contractor to get service. The local sub-contractor came in the beginning of October and realized they had diagnosed the wrong thing and ordered more parts from UTS. That was in the beginning of the month. It is now almost the end of the month and I have yet to receive three parts that are needed. This is over a month since I first reported the problem

I have been very persistent in following up, and have received rude or flaky customer "service" every time. They would tell me parts shipped that day when in fact they had not. They would give me no ETA for when they could ship those parts. In fact, one woman would not hand me over to her supervisor after I told her I wanted to speak with them about the fact that it was over a month. She had the gall to tell me I should cancel my plan.

Is this what UTS wants? They take your money and run. Nordic Track and Sears, both of whom I used to respect, should be ashamed of handing its warranty plan over to such an irresponsible corporation.

Sorry for the lengthy note, but I hope this convinces customers to change their treadmill buying habits. Do not get a Nordic Track because it will have problems in a year, and you will not get any service on it even if you pay for a service plan.

  • Ah
    Ahmed Eletreby Apr 11, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same problems with horrible company, I purchased extended warranty for my Nordic Track Elliptical instead of sending tech. to find out the problem they try to diagnose the problem over the phone, They told me they ordered parts for the repair one of these parts unavailable and now 31 day later I did not receive the part they told me arrogantly it could take 2 months for the part to arrive
    Ahmed Eletreby

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poor quality

A year ago, after many breakdowns, my elliptical machine was suppose to be repaired. After starting the workout program the leg arm of the machine shot through the front of the machine, and I fell to the ground and was injured. My wedding had to be postponed, lots of medicle bills, and a year later I still have a broken machine, and the run around from icon fitness and the "extended warr" (same co.) people. Since it seems very clear icon fitness does not want to take responsibility (although I do have an e-mail from the legal dept. Stating the techs are not trained who come to work on the equipement.) I want everyone to know...

Icon fitness sells under theses names...

Pic fitness, gold's gym home fitness, health rider, image, nordictrack, proform, reebok home fitness, weider, weslo, freemotion, and nordictrack health club equipment.

If you think you are buying one of these quality brand names think again! You are buying the cheap icon products, and their terrible customer service! I am looking for other people who have been hurt by this company for a class action suit.

  • No
    no more icon fitness Apr 04, 2013

    I have got a work out from the run around icon fitness have gave me poor service machine broke down injured medical bills customer service right i dont think so they have a customer service link to give you a warm feeling belive me you will have a warm feeling you will be burning mad

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Service sucks

I've been getting nothing but rhetoric from NodricTrack/Icon Health. I have a Viewpoint 2800 treadmill that I bought directly from them, which at the time was listed on their website as having a lifetime warranty on the frame. Now, about 3 years later, my frame cracks, I call customer support and they take my report for a replacement. I send in photos of the break - which is unrepairable - and after "reviewing the file" claims that I am not covered and they will not replace it. Supposingly the treadmill comes with a 1 year warranty on everything other than the motor. I explained my side of the story, they keep referring me back to the written warranty that says nothing explicitly about the frame, and only states 1 year parts and labor. I know exactly what I bought, which apparantly was a bill of goods because I now have a $2000.00 boat anchor in my basement!!! My stupidity: I trusted Icon and clearly shouldn't have. This is my second NordicTrack treadmill (the first time they had to replace it 5 times because I kept getting damaged merchandise), and I will NEVER EVER buy another one of these again. And I suggest you all heed these same warnings and stay away from NordicTrack products . . . at least until the company begins to stand behind the products and begin to provide true customer service to their customers!

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Defective Elliptical Trainers

My issue with the Icon Health Rider Elliptical trainer began the first time I used it. This was about a week after it was delivered and assembled in my home and about 2 weeks after the actual purchase. The problem was with the heart rate monitor and the LCD screen on the console. Neither were functioning properly and I called the toll free number for service immediately.

Each and every time I called the toll free number I was immediately put on hold and after the first couple of times of waiting more than 20 minutes on hold, I realized that there was no way to get through to a live person immediately and you basically have to use the call back feature that they have. If you need service, don't waste time on hold because they basically don't ever answer calls - you need to leave a message for them to call you back at THEIR CONVENIENCE. This would usually happen in a day or two after the message is left. So anyway long story short: I told them the problem, they sent a part, 2 weeks later I received a part, not all the parts just one, so I called back = they said the other part was on back order, after multiple calls and TWO MONTHS - I finally received the part that was needed. Then I call the repair guy who does their installs - the part that I waited 2 months for has an identical defect. I call the store that I bought the unit from to come take it away and I want my money back - after much wrangling I agree to let them replace the unit with a new one. So now the new one shows up and IT IS ALSO DEFECTIVE and the delivery tech says the following. OH YEAH, I've seen alot of these - at least 8 in the past couple months with the SAME PROBLEM. At least the store was good and did refund all my money [Sports Authority] but it was still a lot of wasted time and effort and I did not get in shape for my winter vacation. The total time wasted from original purchase to final removal and refund was exactly 11 WEEKS.

  • Fo
    Fobra Aug 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's unfortunate you had to experience this, but let this be a lesson learned: you buy cheap equipment, you can't expect a lot out of it nor the company that makes it. We experienced the same thing with a proform treadmill, thing was absolute trash. Decided to go to a specialty fitness store, WAY better quality and much better investment, yeah we paid a lot more for it, but it is well worth it.

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worst customer service that I have ever had the misfortune to experience

I wish to complain about the poor customer service of UTS. We own a NordicTrack treadmill and all I want to know is where to find an approved repair service for our machine. I do not believe it is under the service contract at this time, however, it would be appreciated if UTS representatives would be courteous and not leave me indefinitely on hold or cut me off while on the phone.

I have called UTS 6 times this evening, have waited ON HOLD for about TWO hours, and have even left my number for them to call me--which someone did, but then put me on hold again and then cut off after so long a time lapse.

The last time I called this evening, after the long period on hold (and thinking I would actually GET someone to help me--the company's automated answer was to tell me they were "closed" for the day.

Good ruse! Get the customer to stay on hold LONG enough and then you can be closed for the rest of the evening and never have to deal with the inquiring phone call!

I find this company, Universal Technical Services, extremely poor in their handling of customer services, very rude in their phone etiqette and downright DISHONEST in the fact that they actually TELL the customer on the phone that "someone will help you..." and then they cut off the person's call! This is the poorest excuse for so-called "customer SERVICE" that I have EVER had the misfortune to experience!

SHAME ON YOU, UTS, for being so rude and dishonest! This is not customer service--it's customer abuse!

  • No
    NordicTrack Feb 26, 2010


    My name is Jesee with NordicTrack, I do apologize that you had such a difficult time trying to get in touch with UTS. If you need service and are out of warranty you can contact our dedicated service line at 1.888.366.7998. All they do is set up service, if you would like technical support please call 1.800.999.3756.

    Or feel free to email me @ [email protected]
    Jesse Y

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  • Js
    Jsettle Feb 12, 2018

    UTS is the worst of the worst DO NOT pay the extra $$ for any service plan. For Nordic track to continue with this and not take care of this - seeing the hundreds of reviews on line - speaks volumes about Nordic Track

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made me very frustrated

I have been waiting for a part for my Nordiac track treadmill for five months now. I talked to two supervisors one by the name of Brian and they assured me that they try to get me the part and if not they would credit me for a new treadmill. I have been very patient but five months is too long to wait for a treadmill repair and they donot want to credit me for a new treadmill. I don't know what to do.I am very frustrated!

do not stand behind their products

Have been dealing with uts for over 2 months. Have now been told motor is on back order for at least 2-4 weeks.Not only should people go after uts they should also go after the business that has sold them the unit.I have contacted sears which inevitably took my money but they say they are contracted with nordic track.The lady who answered the phone was from the womans apparel dept.When I explained to her who I was wanting to talk to she said it was know amongst sears employees that they were having a problem with nordic track.I then called sears national number where I was told they could not help me shouldnt they stand behind something they sell?

  • Va
    vardanush galstyan Jul 13, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't ever buy their warranty, they don't help you so long, till your service expires, and their rude employees would tell you that your warranty has been expired.
    At the time of purchasing my treadmill at Sears, my husband was not given a booklet, so I never knew that I had to keep my treadmill indoors, so the belt needs to be changed, they are not changing because it has not been indoors, it has been in the garage, they said that's not indoors, they must be kidding, they took my money and did no service, I am very frustrated from loosing my money and time...

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what a complete rip off

We have an extended contract on a Nordic Track treadmill we bought and between my husband an myself have spent 3 45 minute sessions today on hold trying to get service with UTS. What do we do now? Spend 1, 000 for a new treadmill when the belt is just loose. What a complete rip off. UTS should be out of business or in jail.

  • Wa
    Wayne Jr Feb 27, 2010

    Unbelievable, I did a search for UTS on the web and came upon these concerns about their service. These concerns are almost verbatim as to the experience I had with the customer serve from UTS. Long wait times on hold getting the automated system telling me they were closed.
    I would think NordicTrack would be more concerns about their brand name then to let a company like UTS represent them and their product. The shame should fall on NordicTrack more so then UTS.
    Due to this experience I will never purchase from NordicTrack again!

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  • No
    NordicTrack Mar 19, 2010

    Wayne Jr & Muvore,

    My name is Jesse with NordicTrack. I apologize for the time that you have spent waiting for a resolve from UTS. If you need anything please email me and I will make sure it gets taken care of with UTS.

    Jesse Y
    [email protected]

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  • In
    Intone Apr 06, 2010

    It took more than a year to try to fix my treadmill. In the end they could not fix it so they sent me a new treadmill.
    Guess what? The new one is broken too, and i am now trying again to fix it. Horrible!

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  • Do
    Doug AE Feb 17, 2013

    Same problems. As far as I'm concerned UTS is unbelievably bad. Why does Nordic Track and Sears use this company. If I don't get service for my over $2500+ treadmill very soon I will not purchase any more Nordic Track equipment and I will spread the word in as many ways as possible that Nordic Track and UTS are to be avoided at any cost in my opinion. Not only did I purchase a $2500 lemon but I can't get anywhere in my attempts to service this dog. Outrageous!!!

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The worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life

This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life, which is why I'm online searching to see who else has had these problems. I've been on hold for at least 40 minutes ever time I call and many days I get no answer. The repair person who came out to fix my machine said it's unrepairable and sent the info/pictures to UTS. Now, UTS claims they don't have them, they promised to have a manager contact me back, which never happened.

I do have the manager's number, which he hasn't answered as well. This company absolutely bl*ws!!!

Piece of junk

I was on hold for over 45 minutes trying to talk to someone about my service contract. My treadmill has needed service several times and each time I call UTS, I wait over 45 minutes on hold before talking to someone. I've spent hours on hold and they are unable to fix my treadmill. I've had the roller replaced, deck replace twice, motor, walking belt and the drive belt replaced. This treadmill is a piece of junk and the UTS doesn't help!!

Bad quality product

I purchased a Nordic Track Treadmill from Sears in April of 2008 - total cost was about $1100, which included a 3 year comprehensive warranty. Less than 2 years later: the belt has ripped, the belt tension adjusters have fallen off, the latch to hold the treadmill up when not in use has broken, and now the console is malfunctioning. Apparently, Nordic Track does not build treadmills for people who actually use them.

Consequently, I have had to call in multiple times for warranty service. There is a minimum hold time of 25 minutes to get anyone on the phone. Customer services reps are very rude, and completely unable to diagnose the problem. They have sent out the wrong parts to me. Correct parts have been out of stock. Checking an order status on their web site never yields any results (even after I have actually receive the part! "no information was found" is the response that is received).

My treadmill has been out of commission for 10 days, and I have no repair date in sight.

  • Ps
    Psanders Apr 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased a Nordic Track Elliptical, it arrived defective. It took two weeks before a technician arrived. I was told it was unrepairable and needed to be replaced. Two weeks later a customer support rep said sorry, it'll be another week. When I asked to speak to a supervisor the rep who could not care less, put me on hold. 10 minutes later he came back and said someone will call you ina a couple of hours. In the meantime I have already paid $200.00 with another payment due.

    If I stop paying I will have a black mark on my credit for a companies inferior product and absolutely no concern for the customer.

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Don't deal with these guys

Don't deal with these guys. I have a nordic track treadmill purchased through Sears. They pushed the extended warranty and I bought. ($475 for 5 years) Now I want to use it and can't get anyone to answer the phone at Universal Technical Service, I'm holding as I type for over an hour. Couldn't get through last night either. Called Sears, they were useless and of no help. So Don't buy from SEARS, Don't get and extended warranty from Universal Technical Services, and Avoid Nordic track unless you want to throw the equipment out the minute something goes wrong.

Awful company

I own a NordicTrack treadmill purchase in Sears. I purchased the extended warranty for 3 years with United Technical Services. My treadmill is presently making a noise like a train & I have been trying to contact UTS for the past 10 days & have not been able to get past the music they play when they put me on hold forever. Sometimes up to 20 minutes, which I don't have to spare, since I am an extremely busy person. I finally gave up on them.

  • No
    NordicTrack Feb 17, 2010


    My name is Jesse with NordicTrack, Please send me an email with your contact information so I can make sure you are contacted by UTS.

    Jesse Y
    [email protected]

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  • Sh
    sherry hall Sep 08, 2019

    I have a tread mill I need someone to come and check it out .I have never had it look at .but I did had a warranty .but I am not sure it might run out .please contact me soon you can.i work out on it every day .thank you sherry hall

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Horrible service

I have been trying to contact someone since November. I have an extended warranty on my eliptical and wanted it serviced before 12/31/08. I have been on hold every time I called. No one has ever answered. The longest time I was able to hold was 50 minutes while making dinner. No answer. I called Nordic Trac to see if they could link me. I was told they could link me and put me on hold. They came back and said I would be contacted before the end of day. It is two weeks later and I have not received a call. Now I am on hold again for 44 mins. Is there one person servicing the entire country? I paid to have my equipment maintained but you don't make it easy. I just purchased a top of the line treadmill with a service agreement. I'm sorry I did. I wish I would have discovered this website before I made the purchase. I don't have time for this aggravation.


We purchased a ProForm Recoil Home Gym. The retailer that we purchased it from is out of business. We did not receive the workout DVD that comes with this and had made several attempts at obtaining this. My husband and I have called 10 different phone numbers for this company and were on hold a grand total of 3 hours. This is absolutely horrible customer service. I have never received such poor customer service from any company, large or small. I will be sure to pass this on to any friends, family or folks that I see trying to buy a piece of their equipment.

  • No
    NordicTrack Feb 26, 2010


    My name is Jesse with ProForm, I do apologize that the company you purchased this from is out of business. if you would please email me your contact information I can send you any parts that you need.

    Jesse Y
    [email protected]

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Terrible customer service

I bought a treadmill and it had missing parts. When I called their customer service, I was sent on a tour of every single department in the company. Finally, I was put on hold for 45 minutes before I could talk to a person. When I talked them, their computer did not have any details of the product I bought from them. They collected the complete order information once again including my name, address, phone number. I wonder what kind of company sells you an item for $1, 000.00 and does not have a record of even customer name and address. I am still waiting to receive the missing parts. If you ever buy from Icon, pray that you do not need to contact Icon for service.

  • Ch
    CharlieABC May 17, 2012

    I am writing this in an attempt to help any ICON customers out there. If a customer calls ICON for help on a machine they are helped as quickly as possible however if the customer does not have the model number and serial number of the machine then the call will go very slowly and the customers waiting in line will wait even longer. There is an automated recording during the wait period that will repeat "Please have your model number and serial number available" which should give you plenty of time to get the information. Without the model number the call cannot be completed and you will end up having to call back in again. The model number is the number on the front cover of your Users Manual on the LEFT HAND SIDE. Under the model number is a blank line where you need to write your serial number in. Under the blank line there is a picture of your machine with an arrow pointed to where the serial number can be found. For quicker assistance I would suggest registering your machine on the web site www.iconservice.com at least 24 hours prior to calling. That way your telephone number will pull up your machine information. Make sure to register the machine within 30 days of purchase. Please read the back page of your users manual!

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  • To
    Tommy-O Feb 13, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a maintenance kit for an elliptical. The first time I called, the rep said he needed the serial number so they could send the right kit. I was at work so said I would call back the next day. The following day, I called back with the serial number. The kit was $35, plus $20 for shipping and handling. When the kit arrived, the box contained a small tube of grease, a towel and cleaning solution for the belt of a treadmill - nothing for an elliptical. I called their customer service back, and the lady told me they don't carry maintenance kits for ellipticals. I was then told that I could return the product, but the S&H was not refundable, plus I would have to pay a 10% restocking fee. I truly feel that ICON has some very unethical business practices.

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Bad customer service

I bought an elliptical from Nordic Track with a 3 year warrenty. After about 1 year, it started fall apart - literally! My wheels started shattering and the ellitical started running poorly. I called UTS for a tech and one came out and he fixed the wheels however completely tore the back end of the elliptical apart. He said he need to order a bunch of new parts and just left the machine's parts all over our floor. He left and it took the tech over 1 WEEK to order the new parts only to have one on back order for 4 MONTHS. After calling and complaining every month - the manager of UTS agreed to allow us to have a new machine (an upgrade since our machine was no longer sold through Nordic Track) and finally after the 4 months of pain in the ### service from both Nordic Track and UTS, we got a new machine only to fall apart within 2 months of owning it. I would NEVER buy from NOrdic Track AGAIN. Their products are horrible and the customer service is just as bad.

Simply awful

I purchased a 3-year extended warranty on a Schwinn exercise bike through The Online Exercise Bike Superstore. I was not told at purchase who the warranty company was so when the bike broke (in the final year of the warranty), it took three phone calls to finally obtain the UTS phone number. Once I got past the initial validation of my warranty, UTS processed the claim. I received a message the following week that parts had been ordered. Three weeks later I still don't have parts and nobody at UTS can verify whether or not they have been ordered. They have told me that only one person at UTS is able to either confirm the parts were in fact ordered or order them if necessary. Then they inform me that one person has left on his honeymoon for two weeks. When I asked why my call had not been returned in the past week and half BEFORE he left on his honeymoon, other UTS reps had no response. In the meantime, my bike has been out of commission for almost a month. If I don't miraculously receive my parts before the one person at UTS returns from his honeymoon, it will likely be 2 months between my first call to UTS and the repair of the bike.