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IBC BankAwful customer service

My father in law has recently passed. He was not married and had three children. In the end he told my husband (the oldest child) that he wanted him to take care of his affairs and barial. He wrote out what he wanted (he didn't have a lot). He gave us his bank account card, his pin #, a voided check etc. thinking that would be enough to close out the account. Well we found out a few weeks before he passed that his life insurance policy through his company JB HUNT (who should also have repercussions for what they have done) said that they wouldn't pay his small life ins policy because he forgot to sign one line that included cancer. So we had to pay for his funeral out of pocket. After he passed we contacted the bank and tried to close the account and they wouldn't. Not only would they not but they wouldn't release any information. They strung us along for OVER 2 weeks. As if this was not a difficult time for my husband anyway they were making it even more difficult. Finally I got involved. We went into the office first and after waiting for 1 hour and 10 minuets on Delonte, Ricky "helped" us. He actually wasn't much help he said we needed a letter of testamentary. So we left I contacted the funeral home and they said what they have showing my husband in charge of his estate should be what they need. They faxed it over. Apparently it wasn't what they needed, but they didn't call to let us know. We called to find out what was going on then had to wait for him to call back ( after 3 times) I asked to talk to his boss (Dleonte). He said he didn't know and would call back (I am still waiting 2 wks later). I called back and asked to speak to HIS boss and that was Terry. She said she would call me back because she didn't know what forms were needed. She didn't call me back either... imagine going through this when you have lost a loved one... all I can say is I will never use them and tell this story to EVERYONE who has them... there are many banks out there so save yourself the trouble...;(


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    Laida Valdez May 01, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have not given any authorization for this people to debit my account for the amount of 31.98. I would gladly appreciated if they could refund me my money. I have already contacted my attorney and was advised me to give them 15days before further action could be taken if payment was not refunded in full. Thank you.

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  • Do
    Donna Oct 17, 2008
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    Their customer service IS lousy. As is their bookkeeping practices. They show one thing on your online account access and something intirerly difference at the bank itsself. Its as if their are two sets of books. My online show overdraft fees for three items that do not show over draft. In fact they show clearing with money left over. Yet it shows all their fees putting me into the red when I had enough money to cover all my transactions. When I tried to talk to them at the bank they were completely rude, hately and uncaring. I am now flat broke. Please bank somewhere else where they have STANDARD bookkeeping practices.

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  • Pa
    Past Employee in Tx Nov 09, 2008
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    Even after being a previous employee for International Bank of Commerce aka "IBC Bank", I have to agree with the original poster. When I started with the company in mid 2007, it was more customer service driven, but has been on a serious downslide ever since- which is the reason I left after only 8 months. Now, I had my bank account with IBC Bank a year before I was employed by them, and I thought the customer service was great. The tellers, sales associates (new accounts personnel), and branch manager would know me by my NAME, not bank account number as soon as I walked in.

    But recently, they have been hiring complete ###s who cannot perform a simple teller transaction! I was denied wanting a money order because "his computer system was down". Well, the teller should have been on the phone with his teller supervisor to see what the problem was, or should have atleast directed me to the nearest branch! Need your paycheck split into different accounts? Don't even bother asking your IBC Bank teller, you will be standing there for an HOUR. These days when walking into an IBC Bank branch, you don't even get acknowledged, greeted, maybe starred at.. but that's it, then they take your hard earned money. Look around and you see other employees just 'doodling' on paper, trying to appear busy so they don't have to help their customers, or make conversation. Now back to my first sentence, the name really should be changed to "On the Border Bank of Commerce" because if you have any other currency besides pesos and american dollar, do not even bother with this bank. Texas and Oklahoma only, there is NOTHING "international" about IBC Bank.

    Of course, this stems from upper management. IBC Bank employs some real interesting characters to give fancy sounding titles to. "Area Sales Manager", "Senior Sales Representative", who aren't any more knowledgeable than an entry level teller or sales associate. You can even be "Branch Sales Manager" without even having experience! Do you want your bank accounts, assets, $100, 000 certificate of deposits, etc being handled by ###s like these? Let's not even start with Employee Retention and this company, horrible- thus why you see new faces everytime you walk into an IBC Bank.

    I have now opened a new bank account elsewhere, at a REAL bank where employees know what they are doing. I get honest, professional, and efficient service and could not be any happier. All in the branch- I can apply for a loan, and the banker I first talk to is the one that underwrites the loan! Need investment help? No problem, my new bank has an investments specialist IN THE BRANCH! No referral run arounds here!


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  • Iw
    Iwantagoodbank Sep 19, 2009

    It has come to my attention that IBC has change tactics on how you do business. IBC was a caring wonderful bank and now IBC is a cold, uncaring bank. I use to pay my bills with IBC and never had a problem. IBC used to honor when the due date of a bill was asked to be deliver now IBC doesn’t, now IBC takes advantage of working hard Americans like me.

    IBC pays the merchant before the due date requested on recurring payments. I played IBC over 700 dollars on overdraft fees because I believed that IBC honored the due date on my bills. For example on 08.08.09 my WAMU credit card bill was due but IBC took the payment out on the 5th this little mistake cost me 530 dollars on overdraft fees. It is funny how your bill pay matrix does not have the option on a date when you want your bills to come out. It only has Due date so for days I’m in limbo as weal as my money.
    But IBC is quick to penalize me for that. IBC suck!

    I will do everything in my power to let people know about this and find a lawyer to see this rip-off operation that is IBC has created to STEAL our money. I’m the hard working American and I’m not stupid other people that are in my same predicament will take their money and IBC will be the next WAMU because IBC is a thief.

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  • Ta
    tamc103 Feb 05, 2010

    Ibc bank has the worst customer service, opening an account has been the worst nightmare ever. Do not open an account in ibc, is a lit of trouble. I opened an account on the 22 January anf they had a hold until February 8, after trying to withdrawal money they told me that my checks were in hold until February 13, more than the 11 days hold that I was told when I open the account on January 22. Audrea Bonet is the worst sales representative, she was rude and had a defensive attitude when I tried to explain to her the situation. Result: My checks are still in hold, I don't have any idea when funds will be available and I am still waiting in the phone call that Audrea Bonet told me I was going to receive when she finalize the research in the account. IBC Bank offers to customer the worst banking experience with a horrible customer service.

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  • ..........=/ May 07, 2010

    I worked for IBC for about 6 months and i got to say i hated every day... its bad enough that they are paying 7.75/hr (with HALF pay over time... not time and a half) in Austin... they also are on us tellers everyday to sell people accounts that will lose them money. IE when I refused to require people to open up a savings account for 10$ when the minimum requirement was 500$... not meeting this requirement gets you charged 5$ per week. Item posting is also instructed to structure transactions in a way that will cause you to overdraft. The sad thing is all this is completely legal, pray for financial reform.

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  • Sk
    SK3 SS Aug 31, 2010

    I am sorry That you are so frustrated but the Law prohibits ANY bank from taking action on one person's account at the Bequest of another without specific authorization (a.k.a. a power of attorney, signature card authorization, or proof that the requestor is the legal executor of a lawfully executed will). That includes telephone calls concerning the account. Some banks may allow a little lee-way on this but they stick their neck out legally when they do so.

    I recently moved to Oklahoma, Lawton to be specific, I had to select a local bank because Chase bank, with whom I had been banking for years has no branch within an hours drive of me. IBC has treated me wonderfully! I have been told by one of the Managers, Austin, that they are even willing to come to my home to pick up a deposit if I need them too. As a disabled veteran that kind of service is very important to me. I have always had prompt courteous service, and the people have ussually been knowledgeable enough to answer my questions. Where they haven't been, they admit it quickly and go find someone who does know the answer.

    I do feel for your loss and for the treatment you received from the insurance company, but from what I read of your complaint, it seems the problem comes from not having the proper documentation. This often happens when someone passes and only serves to emphasize how important it is to be knowledgeable and well prepared NOW for what we hope will not happen for a long time. Again I feel for your loss, I remember when my Mother passed unexpectedly 8 years ago and know that the same is not far distant for my own father. I will Pray that your situation resolves itself quickly. Get the executor of the will to make sure the accounts are frozen, that should only take a copy of the death certificate, until the funds can be disbursed as your father indicated.

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  • Ha
    happy2bgone Jan 06, 2011

    I worked at IBC Bank for about two years before I had to quit out of disgust. When I started working there, we were taught to really care about our customers. I strived to make sure all of my customers were happy with the service and I even had customers write letters of commendation. I took pride in my job and the type of bank we strived to be. Now, the bank only cares about trying to open accounts. They will try any tactic to get you to open a second, third, or fourth account. IBC Bank literature states that the minimum opening deposit for the Free Checking Account is $50 but I have seen employees open customer accounts with a penny or a dollar. Why are they doing this? So they can report high numbers to the shareholders. I’m pretty sure they don’t disclose the average balance in new accounts is probably $10. They will tell you that you can have Overdraft Transfer Protection which will enable you to have money transferred from your secondary account to your primary checking account if it goes negative. They will charge you for this transfer by the way. My question to them and to you is, would your primary checking account have gone negative if the money wasn’t sitting in some secondary account? Why should your money be sitting in some other account just so they can report another account for the month? That’s the first of many issues. The second one is the way the bank rearranges your transactions. They will rearrange the transactions so they post to your account largest transaction amount to the smallest. They do this because, and they’ll tell you this, larger payments are obviously more important so they post this way to help you from bouncing your mortgage or rent. That’s pretty nice of them. Problem is, by rearranging this way they create more overdraft charges on your account. Anyone who works at a bank knows that on the average checking account, there are more small transactions than large. So if the bank can use up most of the checking account balance paying the larger items, they will be able to charge lots of overdraft charges on the small items, of which there are many. They are allowed to do this by law, for now that is. If you are thinking of opening an account with them, I would advise you to reconsider. You will regret it and will kick yourself for not listening to me and everyone else who posted comments.

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  • Ca
    Candibar Jan 10, 2013
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    Verified customer

    This is a horrible company to work for! They have found every legal loophole to make sure that their employees are not compensated. The employees are completely unprofessional. The branch manager would constantly spend hours yelling at her exhusband on the phone while customers were in the lobby. Teller would constantly curse to the customers and not shower.

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  • Ro
    Round Rock, Tx May 31, 2013

    Incompetence. That best describes our experience with IBC. We were in the process refinancing our home. A family member assisted us with a gift for the new loan. I cashed her check so that IBC would not hold the funds. The teller had to get approval to take cash. Then when we signed for a wire to go out the to the title company the week after, there was a "glitch". The wire was not sent. No one called us from the bank and they couldn't tell us what was wrong. More than likely no one completed the paperwork. Luckily I checked our account for the sweep and had to follow up for several hours to make sure they were doing their job. This was not our first time having problems with IBC but will be our last. We are closing our accounts.

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  • De
    DerekPhelps Sep 04, 2014


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  • 12
    1234soldier8811b Nov 25, 2014

    FRAUD FRAUD FRAUd we lost 1900 dollars due to fraud on our bank this is the second time this happened last time it was 600 plus and we only 185 of it BC the person who took it when to the same place multiple times in one time and it was automatically ours this time were only getting 900 out the 1900 and 500 of it goes to the bank BC the criminal knocked us into the negative and they say its our problem which we can't even afford diapers or food for our 7 week old daughter Tulsa OK 41st and garnnet the manager of this ibc bank has told us that there is no way someone can steel our card and that she has chosen what we get back were idiots that don't know anything and that were always in the negative when this is absolute first we've been negative and I'm tired of this I will call every single news station TV show senators and even president if I have to I'm done they r thieves they stole our money and they wanna steal more and I hope u ibc bank head haunchos read and u understand u stole my military checks which is a felony

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  • Ma
    MARYLUU Jan 26, 2015

    worst bank ever wont recommend anybody to get it they charge you for every reason, just dont get it.. they steal money from your account and say there was no transaction worst bank ever

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  • Re
    Reviewer35566 Feb 25, 2016
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    Went to the branch in Bethany, OK since it was close to home to get some rolled coins and ones for a garage sale I was having and they told me they couldn't because I wasn't a customer of theirs, drove 7 miles to my bank and told the teller what happened and she just shook her head and said they don't do that. IBC Bank in Bethany is horrible, never heard of this but they will let non account holders use their ATM since they can charge a ridiculous amount for non account holders. Avoid them.

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  • Ok
    okiekat Aug 22, 2016

    They will take every dime you have.
    they are doing the same thing wells fargo was sued for taking advantage of people with thier overdraft system and fees.
    and when i told them I was going to report them they said go ahead becuase they could do what they wanted.

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