Huntington BankI can't get waited on in a timely manner

S Jul 11, 2019

I am a business owner in this town and I make a deposit daily. When Huntington purchased first merit they closed our drive through down the very first day. With in a year they closed our main bank down which left us only a very small branch .on any given day there is always a line of people waiting for a teller to become available. Well today broke the camels back. I walked in to the bank and the was 8 people in line and one teller helping a customer. The was another teller at the drive through working and two setting in cubicles Doing nothing with no customers.waited 25 mins to get up to the teller to deposit my money. So me one needs to address this problem!! Get them some HELP. the Tellers are very friendly so it's not them I'm complaining about. When those bankers don't have someone in front of them have them have a drawer open to take care of your customers. I have heard from a lot of local business owners in town feel this very same way. You have camaras look!

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