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I have been a customer of HBO since it's inception in the mid 1980's and now I am cancelling HBO for good. This is because HBO has taken a major turn for the worse and I am no longer willing to participate in or financially support the clear and ongoing political bias in your programming, the negativity and HBO's obvious animus for humanity.

I have seen a lot of disgusting things in my life but Bill Maher's commentary regarding the death of David Koch is by far the most deplorable behavior I have ever witnessed on talk show television, even Jerry Springer tried to make peace at the end, he never said he was glad someone was dead or said "f-- him". HBO is no longer entertaining, but in my opinion is now sponsoring the worst kind of hate speech imaginable.

I buried my only daughter 4 years ago and it pained ME very deeply to see Maher mocking and celebrating the death of a man who was more than just a political foe of Mr. Maher's, Mr. Koch was a father, grandfather and a friend to many people who were the innocent but direct targets and recipients of Mr. Maher's hatred. Since, Mr. Koch is now beyond criticism, Bill Maher made the clear choice to violate and victimize Mr. Koch's grief stricken surviving family and friends, an act which is disgusting beyond words. The absolute narcissism and complete lack of empathy Maher showed towards Mr. Koch's surviving family is beyond the pale of horrific and my heart aches for them knowing how they must feel after such a brutal personal attack during one of the most difficult times of their lives.

As Mr. Koch's family, including his children and grandchildren grieve, instead of offering kindness or saying nothing at all, their grief and suffering was significantly multiplied by the cruel, heartless comments of a petty man who has clearly lost all empathy or love for humanity based SOLEY on his political partisanship. I wonder how you would feel if that was your grandfather or your loved one that Mr. Maher mocked in their death. I know that I would be devastated by such an attack. This was completely unnecessary hatred and pain that was directly sponsored and promoted globally by HBO and every cable network that broadcasts HBO.

I am cancelling my HBO subscription TODAY since hate speech and the destruction of basic decency, empathy and compassion is clearly something that HBO fully supports and promotes. I want no part of it.

I will also go through their list of sponsors for Maher's show and contact each one of them to express my displeasure with the network and Mr. Maher. This is something I have never done before, but I feel so strongly about this very serious lack of judgment and departure from common decency that I feel I have to let them know.

HBO should be ashamed of themselves and especially Mr. Maher.

Aug 24, 2019
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  • Km
      Aug 24, 2019

    Calm down. If Bill Maher is rejoice in the death of his fellow man that fine. It's not like he has tried to encourage anyone into killing anybody. He just said he was giddy at the prospect of a world without Dave. I would personally be giddy myself of the prospect of a world with half maybe a quarter of the current population, though please take the democratic party 1st.

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  • Lu
      Aug 24, 2019

    Disgusting behavior by Bill Maher !

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  •   Aug 24, 2019

    He used his platform to dishonor a beloved politician from NY. Cancelling HBO doesn’t hurt anyone other than the business and employees. Writing letters to the network and advertisers is smarter than canceling the entire network with other shows you must enjoy.

    Bill Maher isn’t known as a kind-hearted man or someone who cares about others. Koch’s family knows that and will disregard the comments.

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