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No Integrity from Top Down!!!

The President, Founder and Owner of Hawthorne Management Mr. Joe Aiken is/was a North Carolina CPA, License #11760. However, the CPA Licensing Board states that Mr. Aiken "signed a Form of Practice affidavit stating that because the individual practices public accounting in a form not approved by the Board, he or she will not use the CPA title in any way." Yet, I found many references all over the internet of Mr. Aiken being referred to as Joseph Aiken CPA. Does this company lack ethics, integrity and principles from the top down. I think they do. Don't call yourself a CPA if the authorizing body says you can't and you sign an Affidavit agreeing.


  • Je
    JerryHuntNC Feb 03, 2011

    Let me get this straight. He is not a CPA and claims to be one. That is unethical and you should report him to licensing board of the state. They will fine him. This also might be a crime becuase it is fruadulent to represent yourself as a CPA when the State Licensing Board and you agree, you are not allowed to us title. I am a CPA and this person should know better. What a shame.

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  • Mo
    MobleyA Jan 28, 2011

    You should report him to the State.

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