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Hawthorne Management Company review: This complaint is about a old complaint of black mold in a residence

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That was the first complaint filed about this black mold July 5th of 2022 once we found that Robbie swint was suffering from conditions that stem from the black mold exposure in her home her apartment was in fact tested and had high levels of exposure we found a complaint with Hawthorne management company and we will see information from the resident manager that the black mold problem was fixed but we found out once she moved back in that it was not fixed and we have evidence of a maintenance man telling us we have a recorded statement of the maintenance man telling us that the property management never resolved the issue this ongoing issue led to the death of Robbie Schwinn due to invasive aspergillus all over her body. This issue could have been prevented from the start had Hawthorne Management group pay close attention to the initial grievance property Management is very unprofessional throughout this whole ordeal there's a serious case of neglect and this was a breach of the contract at least which indicated that this company will provide a habitable residence. Because of the death of four mentioned they failed miserably and cost the sweet family the most precious person in the family Robbie swim. And at this point just complaint is being redressed so that in the future Hawthorne Management group will look carefully at the property managers it is not the overall company itself the overall company itself has great standings but it was the specific individuals that were managing the property at this time. And the property manager that this complaint was initially filed with is liable and should be penalized in her personal capacity and we're going to see Justice for Robert swint and we want to see negligent homicide charges brought against the property manager who this issue was first brought before.

Claimed loss: Death of Robbie Swint

Desired outcome: Five Million dollars in damages payed to the Swint family for there loss.