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I too have received several calls from persons with middle eastern dialects with American names like "Ken Johnson" or "John Peterson", etc.. They claim that I owe $487 to Cash Advance USA and I have had eight calls from what they call a "federal officer", an "attorney" or " federal marshall" saying at first that if I didn't send payment in full via Western Union within one hour that officers would be at my door to arrest me for wire fraud and not paying the debt. That was three months ago. Since that time, I have recevied seven other calls. The one today was the topper. "Rajni" (or whatever the hell is real name is) or "John Peterson" as he called himself was yelling at me and told me NOT TO INTERRUPT him! He said it was too late to do anything about this and that I could expect officers at my door and at my place of employment to place me under arrest within one hour.
I previously told the second caller that I was going to notify the Idaho Attorney General's office, as they refused to send me any documentation and as soon as I said that, they hung up. I phoned the Attorney General's office and was told by a very nice woman that they get literally hundreds (IN IDAHO ALONE!) a day from people who these predators try to scare into sending them money.
I intend to try to either file a police report or a report with the Attorney General's office next week if possible. I'm sick of these idiot ragheads coming into our country and trying to steal money in hundreds of different ways from Americans. Not to mention the fact that they take jobs that should go to Americans, but I digress.
I am pissed off, done with these people one way or the other and will do whatever I can to help bring this particular scam to an end so that they will quit calling people and scaring the hell out of them by threatening arrest.


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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Jan 17, 2018 1:08 pm EST

I also received the email. I called all law firms with the name located in Florida, which is where they claimed they were from. All told me this is a scam. I then called the phone number and had questions. He answered with a thick accent and stated his name was also John Peterson. He answered with "hello" which I thought was odd as a "law firm." He then asked if I wanted a man in my life because I had questions and stated "you must need a man. You have a beautiful voice. Are you married or single?" He then became defensive and stated "You'll see, you wait for the summons in the mail." I worked with one of the firms in Florida, the REAL law firms, and filed a complaint with the FTC. DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY!

May 05, 2017 5:16 pm EDT
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I first got the e-mail below from the person posing as a law firm wanting me to call this number. Of course, the nature of it made me a bit worried at first. I called the number and got a deep foreign accented person who just answered "hello." I thought that was weird, but asked who it was. They said "Oh… yes, this is the Harrison Law Firm." and then they asked for my case number which I gave the number listed in the e-mail. They seemed to know some things about me so I asked more questions. When I asked for further documents proving my debt, he refused to send it to me. When I asked why, he got violent and demanded that I pay. I refused and questioned whether they were really a law firm. He then yelled at me and claimed "defamation of character" and that he would add that to the list of charges against me and said "see you in court" and hung up.
Now, there's no way a lawyer's office would ever act this way. Also, any attorney would know that he would not have a defamation of character suit by me simply questioning him over the phone. What's more… I have never had a loan with who he claimed he was representing. This is a scam… I just don't know where they got the info on me that they had. That's the worrisome part. Don't fall for this scam!
Here's the e-mail that I got:
You are hereby notified that a lawsuit has been filed against you for three serious allegations. American Credit Express is a client of ours, and we are going to be representing them in future legal proceedings.
The charges with American Credit Express pressed on you are:
1) Violation of Federal Banking Regulation
2) Collateral Check Fraud
3) Theft by Deception
The affidavit states that ________ holding a Social Security No. which is ***-**- ______ was monitored online using the e-mail address which is [email protected]_______ in order to solicit funds from a restitution which is owned and operated by the American Credit Express who owns and operates more than 350 online cash websites, web portals and many of the sub lenders are working for them (Cash Advance America, Cash Advance USA, Ace Cash, Speedy Cash, Cash and Go, LendUp, Cash net USA, US Cash, Ameriloan). The funds were successfully transferred into your bank account utilizing an interstate EFT which stands for electronic funds transfer.
When the creditor attempted to extract the funds back from your account as a repayment, at that time 6 EFT’s were returned back constituting worthless electronic checks. So, as of now rather than chasing you for money the creditor have simply decided to write this money as a loss, as well as declared to be stolen and they pressed charges against you.
Now the affidavit is taken by FDCPA law that means Fair Debt Collection Practices Act under Section 9 Chapter 19.
Now this means just two things for you:
1.) If you are on any state supervised probation on payroll, then you will need to intimate the officer about this case.
2.) If you have any prior convictions including but not limited to worthless check, grand theft or money laundering, so please be aware that they shall handle this case as a habitual offense as your state is zero tolerance state.
This is also to inform you that the creditor has all the rights and authorities to inform your employer about this case and what will be the results and consequences comes once this case is downloaded and executed with the judgments against you, it is because you have kept your employer’s name as a security and also as an additional security two more names were used.
Finally, you have the right to hire an attorney, if you have one or if you cannot afford one then one shall be appointed to you. But please make sure that you have someone to help you out regarding this case because once this case is downloaded and executed with judgments against you and if you found guilty under the bench of jury then you have to bear the court charges as a penalty and the Amount is $8000.00 excluding your bail charges, your attorney charges and the due amount pending on your name.
Finally, your name and Social Security Information would be reported to the three major credit bureaus of USA such as,
1.) Equifax
2.) Tran union LLC
3.) Experian
Ultimately it would be affecting your FICO scores by 85 negative points and your social security number would be black listed and you would also never be eligible for all the government benefits and entities.
According to the orders of the court house the State Investigation Department Officers will deliver all the legal documents to your current employer and that can risk your current job and once the judge opens your case for execution legally on May 15th, 2017 then these charges will be reflecting on your Credit Reports because of which it will be very difficult for you to get a new job in future.
Finally, this case is going to be downloaded in your State County Court and your Local County Sheriff department on May 15th, 2017 at 11.00 am as per your State Standard Time and after then you will be forced to resolve this case legally by facing all the legal problems and spending money on your attorney as fees, case execution charges, legal penalties, bail charges, paper development charges on the top of the due amount that you owe from your creditor that is $1149.95
If you are willing to settle it out of the court you can surely respond positively today itself. There shall not be any further correspondence via email. You can contact the number listed below.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [protected]
John Harrison
Attorney At Law
Harrison Law Group
Tel.: [protected]

Jun 30, 2015 11:46 am EDT

This Michael Scott character has contacted me too! Same 815 area code and from Cooper Law Firm.

Jun 23, 2015 9:46 pm EDT

I too, have been receiving emails fro these individuals. They have called my home, cell and work. I did put my info down for a payday loan a few years ago when times were rough, but I didn't receive a loan from these people. I also paid it back the next month. They now say that they are Cooper Law Firm PC and the attorney is Michael Scott with an 815 area code. Who as ever heard of Collections by email and suing too. I have reported them to my local police department and I will file with the FBI. This is embezzlement!

May 19, 2015 12:36 pm EDT
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I received exact same email as Martha Callahan. Mine arrived 5/7/15 stating the downloading would be at 11:00 am on 5/20/15. I looked Harrison Law Offices PC up on internet and found SCAM ALERT on the firm's website. It states all about John Marshall and his scam. He has never worked for the Harrison Law Offices in Woodstock, Illinois. It was established in 1992 by James Harrison not 1993 as stated in the email. I am from a white collar federal gov't family and am familiar with local, state, and federal crime investigations. This John Marshall is a scammer who enjoys threatening people and taking advantage of their fear. As stated on the legitimate Harrison Law Offices PC website --- anyone contacted by these people needs to contact the FBI Scam and Safety dep't on the website and report a complaint or call the FBI.

May 05, 2015 3:13 pm EDT
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I just received and email from these jerks a John Marshall with Harrison Law Ofc., P.C. [protected] I looked them up and this John Marshall has been dead for many many years. This Law firm is in Illinois with different last 4 numbers. Anyway this email says I have 4 charges against me 1) Violation of Federal Banking Regulation 2) Collateral Cheque Fraud 3) Theft by Deception and 4) Intentional Misappropriation of funds. and that I owe money in the amount of $4878.23 to some place called Cash NET USA, I never heard of them before. Filed Legal case under Section 9 and Chapter 19 which is under Cyber Crime. They said I have a right to an Attorney if I cannot afford one they will appoint one from American Law Department. I would have to pay the $4878.23 plus court cost, and attorney fees. If I don't pay them then it will be sent to all 3 credit bureaus with 16 negative points and my SSN would be black listed, I would not get Disability benifits, unemployment benefits, child protection, SSI, retirement or pension in the future . According to some court house there State Investigation Department Officers will deliver documents to me at an address they have, I have not lived at for 5 years now. All this B.S. is suppose to happen May 15, 2015 at 11:00 am and will be downloaded in my State County Court and local Sheriff department. This is so stupid it is funny. I'm not holding my breath for a visit. They tried this once before when I did live at the address they have, they had my employment wrong and my street address mixed up with the city I was in. They started cussing at me so I told them come on over and we can have a chat. Wow to my surprise they never showed. I blocked all UNAVAILABLE numbers so now they resort to emails. Dummies now I have it in hard copy.

Jul 02, 2014 2:51 am EDT

my calls came from a tampa #. I filed a complaint online.

May 22, 2012 4:09 am EDT

Hi, I just got a call from [protected], from an Officer/Attorney stating that I took out a loan and didn't pay it back. I know I didn't take out a loan from Cash Advance. He said that I did, the call got disconnected so they called me back. I told them again, I didn't have a loan out, they insisted I did, confirmed my social security number, and home address, then said they would have the Police at my house to arrest me today. I said, go ahead... hung up on them, looked up the law firm and this website came up with these stories. I'm relieved that it's a scam but also alarmed they have my personal information. I called my local Police department and until they take money from me or use my information to get / gain financials then there wasn't much they could do. I live in VA and think it's different in most areas. I will be contacting my bank and credit reports to alert my file just to be on the safe side. I'll even check out the FBI site as directed above to see if there's anything else I can do to protect myself. This is absolutely insane and I'm so upset my information was so easily available after years of taking precautions so that this sort of thing wouldn't happen. I have enough issues in my life right now and pray to God that this will go away and I'm/we're safe at home. Has anyone seen any illegal financial activity after these calls? Has any of the threats come to fruition? Wife and Mom - Scared in VA.

May 10, 2012 7:13 am EDT

Indian or middle eastern accented guy called my work. I hung up on him several times and finally asked him what he wanted. He told me he was from some CA law firm and i had 3 law suites against me. I work for the military and told him that if there were any suits on file I would certainly be notified as my clearance would be revoked. He then dropped the lawyer act and told me if I didn't wire him $800 he would get me fired. I told him good luck with that. He called after I left and talked to the commander of the company I work for and told him I called him a crude name and he shouldn't have employees that are like that. The commander laughed and told him he must have talked to me on a good day. I guess that wasn't what the guy expected so he then said he was going to have me arressted. The commander said bring it on. We joked about it in the office even going so far has giving the commander the new nickname the dude had said I called him lol. The guy called back the next day and I hung up on him he then called again and asked why I hung up. I just replied because I can and hung up again. Haven't heard from him since. We should all start calling his number over and over and demand money. Lol a taste of his own medicine

May 08, 2012 4:50 pm EDT
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I also recieved a phone call from a foriegner (maybe from India) Stating I owed $300.00 to Net USA and $4, 137.00 to my own bank! He said his name was Kevin Peterson and he was from CL Williams Lawfirm.His # is [protected]. He told me that I was going to jail and he was going to call the police. I told him that I already did and that I also called the FTC and made a report. He hung up on me. A few days befor that I recieved a call from a man named Mr. Bates stating that I owed $4, 100.00 For 6 payday loans that I never recieved or took out.His # is [protected]. He told me Cash Guys was one of the payday loans I had taken out. He called me a criminal and told me I was going to jail. I freaked out for the first few days, but now I'm pissed! I have done everything in my power to protect myself such as closed the old bank acct. and opened a new one. I have fraud alerts on my accounts. Filed a police report every time I recieved a call. Called the FTC and made a report. Put a freeze on my credit report and I'm moving in June. Yes, he has all my information too. Both of them do. It's changed my life considerably. Don't put any of your info on the internet unless you know for sure the site is absolutely secure! It's scarey, but I'm a single mother of 3 children and I have to protect them. I actually am so determined to catch these people that I was able to track one of their #s down and the 510# is from Los Angelas, CA. It's a landline, male, 48 years old. I will turn that information into my police department. There are so many people out there that have had their lives turned upside down, including mine, due to these ### preying on innocent people. It has to stop! No more living each day in fear! I refuse to and I will not tollerate the abuse anymore. You will not get arrested, so don't worry about that and the only time the police will be knocking on your door is when you make a report. They need to be stopped befor more people get hurt. For me, I consider what they are doing a terroristic threat. Especially towards the elderly. I've read stories about these ### taking an elderlies life savings because they feared them. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

May 04, 2012 12:12 am EDT

I also am a victim of these ###s they called last month and said I ignored them cuz none of it sounded right...I haven't hears from them since till last night. This time they tell me I borrowed 400 and id I didn't pay they'll take me to court for2221 but if I pay now they'll settle for 432...?... who 'settles' for more the wats owed lls so I tell em meet me at court n I will let my family lawyer know ( I have no lawyer lol) I tell him she will take it to court so just tell me when so she can meet me there n he says it at 1030 tomorrow lol yea right he calls this morning ay 1030 lol n was wondering why I didn't. Call back n he wasn't aware I had looked them up online m found all these stories of their fraud ...I tell him its because my lawyer informed me that they're fraudulent co. N she turned them n2 the attorney general office because she has had numerous clients call with the same company he says u really believe that? I said ues cuz she emailed me the link online showing me the complaints n stuff... he hung up...I called back n said that he neefs to remove my number n he says yes ma'am have a gud day...I will cuz I'm gone f*** with them now...lmao [censored]es

Apr 24, 2012 6:30 am EDT
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They just called my house and threatened me as well. They had the [protected] phone #. He said that he was in Pennsylvania but he was from the David Harrison Law firm in LA, California. He said that he represented this company called Cash Advance and that I got $300 from them but he could not give me a date or anything, just that it was in the last year. He had all my information luckily I have changed banks since then. He was very rude with a thick accent and I could hardly understand what he was saying. I have had these calls before and I told him that he was a scam and was trying to get money from me he hung right away. They need to find these people and lock them up for threatening innocent people.

Aug 20, 2011 1:17 am EDT

I just recieved a call and his name was john smith... im woried though because he has all my information including my entire social security nimber. What do i do?

Aug 10, 2011 9:34 pm EDT

I have been getting harassing phone calls from these same people. At first I thought I owed them the money but after careful review I realized that I did not owe these people anything. They also informed me that I would be getting a visit from the police and federal investigator. The calls started coming from a Queens, NY number and he the person who was talking to me also had a middle eastern voice and was very rude. He asked me if I had a trial lawyer and I asked him what do I need a trial lawyer for and he told me because I stole money from a place called CASH ADVANCE, I informed him that I never had a loan with them, he told me that I did and the police were going to come to where I live (which they had the wrong information) and also to my place of business (which I don't work there either). I continued to argue with them and he told me to stop interrupting him that's when I lost it. They kept on calling and when I told them that I had notified the police and that they were a fraud he hung on me, the next day calls started coming from a Oakland, Ca number [protected] and he also tried to scare me with the same information, he stated that he would give my information to the FBI, and he would also put my name in some bureau to notify future and present employees that I was a "thief". This really pissed me off and when they called again I asked him for his name, the address to where this Harrison Law associates was located and the phone number. Of course none of the information that was given was correct. I also told this "Joe Carder" person that I had called the police and informed them of their fraud and he hung up on me as well. I applied on line for payday loan and I am assuming this is how they got my name and social security number. Just be warned about those sites, I wish I knew then what I know NOW!


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