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I require some assistance and need to know what to do. My Ex Wife (Wife at the Time) made herself bankrupt illegally, by falsifying documents and claiming she does not have money. She applied for an IVA through the bank and it was approved, but we sold our joint house in South Africa since and now she has the means to pay for the IVA, outstanding money. Currently she is hiding the money in South Africa and not paying off her debt "bankrupt", part of this was her overdraft, joint account. Now the debt collectors is asking the money from the outstanding money on the overdraft bank account that she emptied. I am prepare to pay half the money but she is totally declining not to pay for the money. How can I report this, what should I do? I have the evidence for the sold property and bank account details.
She is currently spending the money on new stuff and cars, going out without a care in the world. How is this even possible that she can get away with this?

Why am I now being liable for this when no one is doing anything about this?
Why has the police not locked her up yet?
I contacted Harrington brooks to inform them regarding the fraud that was committed but they have no interest.
I contacted Barclays bank but they also have no interest to resolve this.
I will not be liable for Viviane Kirchner (EX Wife) fraud and deceit and pay her debt while she goes happily free.

Reference Number
IVA/GMN_2145854 [430572-[protected]]

Viviane Maree Address
16 Temple Way
East Malling
ME19 6SH


What is a bankruptcy offence?
Lying or failing to mention relevant information about your finances or property in your bankruptcy application, during the bankruptcy interview or any other time you make a statement about your financial situation
Hiding details of your property from the bankruptcy trustee
Hiding any belongings worth £500 or more, which should be handed over to the official receiver or trustee
Giving away or selling property fraudulently during the five years before you were made bankrupt
Leaving England or Wales with any belongings of value worth £500 or more and which you are obliged to give to the official receiver or trustee
Getting credit of £500 or more without telling the lender about your bankruptcy

Johan Kirchner Address
19 Hirschield Drive
West Malling
ME19 5G

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