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I have a serious problem here. I, as you can see have had this account since 2005. The amount currently owed is $854.99. For the better of the past 3 years I have paid my amount due or more. I received a notice in June 2011 that I owed $1200….odd dollars. I do not remember signing anything that stated I owed 3 months at one time due to the postponement or adding payments to the backside of my account. Yes, there was a time I had an issue with divorce and bankruptcy in 2007 but, I agreed to keep the bike. THIS IS THE DISTURBING PART THAT ANGERS ME TO NO END. I received a normal payment notice on Aug. 15, 2011 which states; Monthly payment $495.27, Current Amount Due $0.00, Past Due Amount $0.00, Late Fees/Other Fees $0.00, Expenses $0.00. I then receive a registered letter on Aug. 16, 2011 that THREATENS the possibility to COMMENCE REPOSSESSION or OTHER PROCEEDINGS OR THE RIGHT TO TAKE BACK THE COLLATERAL. I did receive a call in June 2011 requesting all $1200…odd dollars be paid, at that time I told the person I could not pay all the money but, could continue on with the current monthly amount for the next two months, with the ending payment being made in excess to complete the contract. I also have 2 additional accounts with Harley Davidson for a 2008 Street Glide and a 2007 Softail Deluxe.

I would like to know first of all, who in the hell sent me the THREAT letter, I have been through a lot of crap in my life and do not respond very nicely to threats. I also would like to know, is this how Harley Davidson treats their loyal customers? Great Company business there people. I had it in my mind I was going to have not only have the Ironhorse picked up but, also the other two bikes, bring a semi truck please, and I would just go buy a HONDA. I then figured, there must be some ### working for Harley Davidson that authorized this friggin letter. I want to know from someone there that this is NOT how I am going to be treated now, nor in the future, or I will no longer buy Harley Davidson again. I would also hope that this letter finds its way to the person who authorized sending the threat so they would know what a complete ### they are. Now, what else are you going to do for me since they better of $28, 000.00 has been paid on this account and another $28, 000.00 on the other two is left?
Additionally, When I spoke to them and told them I had a letter stating I owed nothing other than my normal payment, they said I had agreed verbally over the phone 3 years ago, accepting a clause that said I would pay all three payments at the end at one time in full. I asked to see that document, because I do not recall that at all. They said it was recorded. I asked to have a copy or hear the recording. After a 5 minute break, the person returned and said that it was no longer available. I said, then I do not want any bad credit reporting, or I would send a copy of both letters to my lawyer, showing Harley Davidson themselves said in one letter that I did not owe any back payments, past due amounts or late fees. The representative said I would still have to pay late fees and then hung up on me.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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