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GreenLiving Roofing


To whom ever it may concern in 2017 Green living worked on my roof, "Roofing Scope of Work Addendum " I noticed that through out this rainy weather season there had been a leak in the left hand corner coming down all the way towards the door. I am sending this out because when purchasing this house I received a 50 year guarantee towards it. I wanted to know what the following steps on you're behalf will be with the predicament I'm dealing with in the time being? I would greatly appreciate if i am able to receive a response , thank you.

Oscar Rosa ,

1013 North Daisy Avenue Santa Ana California 92703.

Thank You.

Desired outcome: Fix the situation as quickly as possible, so no more excessive damage is done to the home.

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Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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GreenLiving Paid them to paint home

Paid them to paint home. They painted more than half home. There are runs and bubbles all around home. On November 19th *** a sales man from greenliving came to my house to show me there texcote paint they offer. After asking how much it was a few times he shows me samples of products they use. Finally after 5hours he tells me its XXXXX. After I told him no he drops price a few times to finally getting to XXXXX. I gave him 500 as a down payment after I agreed he than went to writing contract told me I was responsible for puting dog away and moving everything away from house so painters could dig. When we were finishing up I asked about damaged wood he replied "don't worry I'll add that into contract." I believe at that moment he meant add to contract later I realized he added it to what the home owner has to do. Which to me makes no sense since painters were ready to work a few weeks later. And never asked if damaged wood was replaced. They power washed house right after it had just rained. and made the wood Worse. After they power washed they came back next day and started to fill in with this putty material to fill in the cracks. There was no sanding or scraping what's so ever. The next day they came out and prime about half the house. Then it rained then came back a 2nd time to finishing priming around house. They let that dry. I left for work around 415 they came back around 430 and started painting and left right before dark. When I arrived home I saw all the runs and bubbles around my home. I immediately had them stop work. I told Ashley a project manager I was very unhappy with the work she told me *** the sales man would be over to take a look. When *** showed up my husband and I showed him all the runs the wood that needed to be replaced. We told him how unhappy we were with the service they provided. *** then informed us he will get it taken care of. He than has us go inside our home and puts some forms infront of us but he removed the top page that said "do not sign this form until you are completely satisfied." He told us this is the amount we agreed upon which said XXXXX and he told us " I need you to sign this form so we can fix the issues" at the time I thought it was just agreement to the amount we would pay. Because when *** was filling out contract he tells me that " before you sign the release of funds a certified texcote technician goes around your house to make sure it was put on correctly." Since no one came to "certify my paint job" I didn't believe that was the release of funds. Since the job was not finished. When I realized he made me sign release of funds I called loan company to cancel loan they informed me they already paid greenliving when the job was not completed. A few weeks later *** a manager from Greenliving calls me tells me there still here ready to finish the job. I then asked him why is he calling me since they already got paid for the job they did not complete. He than informs me the account is still open, I told him to call the bank and *** cause greenliving already got paid. A few weeks after that the bank that holds the loan called me to inform me the loan is cancelled I didn't have to worry about paying loan. The same day a different *** comes to *** the damage he tells my husband that they don't sand and they don't replace wood. I thought sanding is a step in prepping the house before you paint. That same day *** comes to our home and *** the damage. He asks if *** made us sign loan forms when the house was not completely painted we told him yes. He than informs us that *** was fired because of that reason. *** than gives me a check for 500 which was what I had put as a down payment which made the loan go down to XXXXX but in the release of funds the total was XXXXX. I took the check since I believe the loan was canceled and the 500 was me getting my down payment back. After I cashed check a few weeks later the bank called to inform us we are still responsible for the loan amount when we were told by the bank the loan was canceled.

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Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
GreenLiving has left an official reply on this complaint.

GreenLiving Greenliving has not complied with the contract agreements, and is expecting payment in full despite the fact that many issues have remained

Greenliving has not complied with the contract agreements, and is expecting payment in full despite the fact that many issues have remained unresolved From the beginning of the proposal, which was to include solar, roof, and exhaust fans, the project was plagued by a variety of egregious and shocking events. Day 1, August 21st the demolition crew arrived and backed into driveway causing property damage to the brick layered planter box, which was ran completely over. When my wife inquired of the damage to the workers, one individual in particular became very aggressive, confrontational and threatening. I arrived home from work sometime after and was briefed by my wife regarding the situation. Unfortunately, this individual was no longer on the property once I arrived. I immediately contacted the owner *** explained to him the situation and requested an alternate crew. An apologetic *** assured me I would get the "in-house" crew. I then proceeded to ask for names, insurance and bond information from these men, but none of them complied. After going inside, my wife and I peered out the window to see one of the workers riding my sons bicycle on the lawn. I then called the project manager *** to have this problem rectified, which he assured me it would be, and that the guy who confronted my wife was "fired". As they were leaving I saw them put the bicycle in their truck. Debris was left in the planters around the house and oil spill from the truck stained my driveway. My wife obviously shaken and upset, implored me to stay home from work while these so called professionals returned to the house the following day. After the same people arrived the next day I immediately called the project manager ***, to have these people removed from the property, he feigned ignorance and once again assured me that a different crew would be sent out. Meanwhile, this crew minus the threatening individual proceeded to ignore the contract by failing to properly plastic off the attic in the garage. they demonstrated an utter lack of consideration for our personal and private property, which was soiled and damaged. Stucco damage around the perimeter of the bay window was damaged when the shingles above were ripped and torn off. Throughout the entire project I was in constant contact with *** the project manager, *** crew foreman, and *** secretary, regarding the daily issues and lack of regard for our contract agreement, personal health and safety, belongings, property and home. Contact deviation and discrepancies include: tear off and hall away of existing roofing material, pull all nails, the number of layers of roof was 2 not one, installation of OSB sheeting when replacing wood shingle/shake only, weather lock and deck defense to bay window roof, starter strip around perimeter of bay window, install flashing/edge metal for bay window, replace all roof jacks & caps, painting the roof jacks and caps to match Sage color of shingles, clean up and hall away all job-related debris, plastic cover roof attic, install new bathroom exhaust fan integrated with switch, frame and patch ceiling hole with primer and finally have solar cover 100% coverage. Property Damage and vandalism: debris in attic and garage, debris in the actual house in Den and sons bedroom, stucco damage around bay window and around pre-existing breaker box, damage to brick layered plantar, damage to gate from pulling it open beyond capacity hinges and wood, oil stained driveway, debris in plants around perimeter of house from no drop clothes, spray paint over spray on new roof and shingles from spraying pipes for solar, chimney damage from inaccurate calculations for flashing saw cut through length of chimney, cutting corners for roof on garage without removing nail and putting OSB nailing down to wood slats and missing the studs and or wood framing, tar on house, stucco, bricks and driveway, chimney, roof shingles and even utilized my personal ladder and got tar all over it. Damage to roof caps and vent inside attic from smashing it back together unaligned etc

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Perfect Trust Endorsement: GreenLiving achives 93% ligitmacy per Complaints Board. Highly recommended, yet always stay vigilant.

We found clear and detailed contact information for GreenLiving. The company provides a physical address, phone number, and email, as well as 2 social media accounts. This demonstrates a commitment to customer service and transparency, which is a positive sign for building trust with customers. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL.

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  • The website belonging to GreenLiving has a low number of visitors, which could be a red flag for users. However, it's important to conduct additional research to fully evaluate the website's legitimacy and trustworthiness.

GreenLiving Customer Reviews Overview

GreenLiving is a website that has received positive reviews for its commitment to promoting sustainable living practices. One of its greatest strengths is its user-friendly interface that makes it easy for readers to find information on eco-friendly products and services. GreenLiving's content is well-researched, engaging and informative, with a wide variety of topics covered, including sustainable fashion, home improvement, energy-saving tips, and green technology.

Another positive point of GreenLiving is its comprehensive product reviews section. The website provides in-depth and unbiased reviews on eco-friendly products across various categories, including beauty and personal care, home and garden, and food and drink. GreenLiving thoroughly assesses these products and only recommends those that meet strict sustainability standards.

GreenLiving also stands out for its educational content, offering readers valuable insights into the latest sustainability trends and environmental issues. The website's blog section features a range of thought-provoking articles, news updates, and expert opinions on sustainability topics, making it an essential resource for anyone looking to lead a greener lifestyle.

Overall, GreenLiving has garnered an excellent reputation among its readers and the broader sustainability community for its well-rounded approach to green living. Whether you're a seasoned environmentalist or just starting to explore sustainable living, GreenLiving is a must-visit website for expert advice, eco-friendly product recommendations, and thought-provoking content.
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