Great Wolf Lodgethe reason why I am complaining it’s regarding poor customer service, spent money for not enjoying time at hotel or pool area, noise complaint.

Ma Oct 09, 2019 Review updated:

My name is Mario Sosa I am very disappointed about how customers get threated from front desk to hotel manager to guest relations. I booked a stay on 9/21 to 9/22/19 thinking my family and I will have a good time and we will have a good time and rest enjoy a relaxing time at hotel. So we get there at 4:30 close to 5pm to check in. Hotel front desk they take their sweet time to check people in than I was next the front desk person they gave me my food vouchers a pool wrist band and they told me that I needed to use my food vouchers bright away so my wife and I rushed to take both of my kids to the pool area because we were told by front desk that we we needed to use the food vouchers before the end of that day. So than we rushed to get the kids food and we tried to use vouchers at the pizza restaurant and they told us the vouchers weren't good to use that they need to be used by 5pm and it was to late than we had to go Hey back to front desk they were taking their time to help everyone and I spent my whole time dealing with the food vouchers and than taking my kids to eat because they were very hungry and when we saw the time the pool area was closed. We had asked to speak to a manager they told us we were going to get a call from hotel manager wish never happen. Than we went up to the room trying to relax and sleep and there was a lot of noise outside the room kids running back and fourth and pushing elevator buttons wasn't able to sleep my wife wanted to leave same night because a lot of noise but we couldn't leave due to kids had fallen asleep already. In the morning I sent a text to make a complaint and asked for a complete refund and asked for hotel manager and never received a call until very late. I spoke to hotel manager Mamés jessie Dellaire he has the poor customer service and he has a power trip problem that he thinks he could talk to people the way he wants and all he cares is making money for hotel and not was good for the customer I payed 750 dollars and asked for complete refund and he only offer me a two pair of tickets to come back for water park and get 50% off on next stay I told him that why should I pay again to stay that I needed a complete refund and he persisted that he needed to do was best for the company in making money and he made a bad and uncomfortable and un profesional remark that why I stayed if that hotel was very expensive to stay and if I couldn't afford paying affirm the money I finance to pay for hotel. Than I spoke to someone in guest relations they gave the side to manager and instead of hearing me as a customer I made a complaint with affirm and also better business bureau as well. Than I tried to give hotel a second chance and now hotel manager said he didn't offer me what I wrote earlier two pair of water park tickets and a 50% of next stay and since I called him a liar and for not keeping his word of him now only wanted to give me one thing he threatened me that he will band me from hotel to come back like if I was a criminal I feel he is very racist against Hispanics and people that are poor. I need help on this situation I asked to speak to ceo he has denied to give me the info of owner of hotel.

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  •   Oct 09, 2019

    I'm sorry. I can't read anymore. I got up to "bright away" and tapped out. Perhaps you would have had a better time if you could communicate halfway decently.

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